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Marking Global Impact!

Eeeeee. I have been sorely deprived of wrestling of late so I am glad to see that TNA is running shows online now. So I get to get my fix of the wonderful Eric Young (love the hair baby), Canadian Destroyer-ing and Hailing Sabin‘s ultra-thin lycra.

Never mind the years of friendship- I need Mid Atlantic purely for his dealing abilities so I get a hit of wrestling. Using Mid Atlantic- now there’s a amusing thought. Well, not really amusing, just kinda sad… Stick to toys sweetheart, stick to toys…

I also received my WFMU postcards and stickers today- I must try and think of something to stick them onto.

I have twenty-five Year 9 sketchbooks to mark for Monday each containing six pieces of work; they have to be given internal grades and National Curriculum levels. Sigh. I also have to kinda make my professional portfolio (not the art one) from scratch to be cohesive by Wednesday. Double sigh.

So pie and cider for me this evening. Contented sigh.


“They’re made out of meat.”


“Meat. They’re made out of meat.”


“There’s no doubt about it. We picked up several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, and probed them all the way through. They’re completely meat.”

“That’s impossible. What about the radio signals? The messages to the stars?”

“They use the radio waves to talk, but the signals don’t come from them. The signals come from machines.”

“So who made the machines? That’s who we want to contact.”

“They made the machines. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Meat made the machines.”


An excellent little sci-fi short on YouTube They are made out of meat

Whilst continuing the meat theme, Steven Meisel’s Makeover Madness for Vogue is really very good. Romaine Slocombe would cream himself.

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Light weight

Skool from 8-6 then food, half a small glass of cider and two hours nap before House. Out like a light until 11.30, House will just have to wait… I am such a lightweight…

I felt more-or-less okay today; a bit dodgy but picked up as the day went along. A couple of hours of marking to do tomorrow but I’m not too wary- In comparison to my last school I get to leave very early generally, staying only around half an hour to fourty-five minutes after school each day as opposed to three plus. Which is fucking ridiculous.

Ah le weekend. Stupid amounts of paperwork to catch up with, but I have ten episodes of Spongebob to spazz out to, hours of Devdas to delight in and the thrill of Easter Parade.

I watched an outtake of the number Mr Monotony off the dvd the other day and it was fascinating. Judy Garland performing multiple takes from different angles with different nuances as she strides about the stage in tuxedo jacket, hat and heels.

Have you got any monotony today?
It’s the first time I have seen the mechanics of how a musical is filmed. I mean I knew performers weren’t singing live to camera but seeing the lip synching, reactions that would usually be cut from the final reel etc is very interesting.

It’s twenty minutes long and consists purely of Garland entering the stage from behind the curtain, moving left, right, posing and then leaving.

I just find it very interesting to see how a performer works. All the small things. And Garland looks just awesome (though far too thin) in what would become sort of a trademark outfit.

I must keep it in mind for dressing up.

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Eugh. A night spent lying awake feeling like i’m going to be sick was followed up with a good morning visit to stick my head down the toilet.

No skool for me today. I feel really quite ill- the shakes, a stomach ache and the fun of various colours of vomit. I wonder whether it’s anything to do with my nosebleed- blood running down into my stomach making me feel sick? Though usually when I throw up I feel better but at the moment I still feel really bad. Ow and eugh.


Malice aforethought

If you tell me one thing, and then do another- isn’t that meaning to lie?

Telling me you are visiting family when in fact you are visiting your *girlfriend’s* family (girlfriend?!)- That surely is malice aforethought.

Maybe not “trying to lie” means that every lie was unconscious or at the very least calculated to appease whatever conscience hangs around individuals like Mid Atlantic?

Things can be written off- “she’s just a friend… the girlfriend is more important” “well, I’ve never actually said I’m single” “it’s not like we were going out or anything” “well I just don’t think of you in that way”… I’m sick of being oh-so-earnestly told I am “important” or “special” when someone is tired and can’t be bothered to go all the way home to sleep, or after several doubles and mixers or when they’re wanting some action.

I mean really, how special can you be when you are “just a friend”? In our society being single is seen as being abnormal. Refer to this conversation with my Mother:

“How are you?”
“Oh, I’ve not been feeling too good recently- me and Mid Atlantic had a falling out. He said some things that led me to think certain things and then I found out that they were all lies.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that- I know how much you liked him.”
“Yeah.” (sigh)
“Oh well, you just need to get out and find youself a new bloke.”
“It’s not like I had one in the first place, Mum”
“Yes well, it’s about time. You need to get somebody.”
“It’s not exactly like I can go and shop for one.”

The paperwork still isn’t done, my head feels like it’s full of cotton wool, my eyes are scrunched up from the face and head pain, I feel tired for no reason and I have a nose bleed. Fucks sake.

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Mean to lie

“I really did not try to lie to you.”

Is purposeful deceit worse than lying through ignorant omission?

Well-thought through lies are bad in the way that murder aforethought is worse than manslaughter. However, unconscious lying could be seen as similarly bad as it shows lack of thought or feeling, and maybe that the lying individual has a personal sensibility that pushes things such as humanity to the back of his/her mind. Conscious deceit feels worse when the lies are discovered of course but I think that the opposite form can also be true.

Anyway, I am so darned tired and am feeling the pull of bed, blanket and Patrick quite intensely. Sigh. How can I be so tired when I haven’t really done anything today? It must be the rabies.

And so to bed… and to curl up next to the wonderful Patrick.

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The Saddest Thing I Own

The Saddest Thing I Own

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Sexual burn

Terrible sexual burn at the moment. It’s got so that when I watch porn I think of scenarios involving Mid Atlantic, and even watching vanilla television if anyone kisses I pay close attention to the lip lockage.

See, this is not good. If I meet up with Mid Atlantic I should not be thinking about the things I would like to do to him or what I would like him to do to me, because none of these things will never happen.

I’m fucking kidding myself. And the fun stuff like wrestling each other or getting pinned up against things, well that can never happen again. Things that gave me great joy… nevermore… and it makes me angry.

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Pityriasis Rosea

I think I am having a re-occurance of Pityriasis Rosea. I say think, because I don’t see the point in pestering the GP over my strange appearance to confirm the diagnosis. It’s not too bad so far- very sparse and only around five patches, I don’t feel ill and my first patch is fading back into my skin.

I had it once before a couple of years ago; no-one knows exactly why it comes into being, possibly due to a low-grade viral infection. It would be quite unusual to have a re-occurance but my spots seem similar and I lack symptoms as before.

Interestingly, given that this latest lurgy reared it’s ugly head right after my initital intimate encounter with Mid Atlantic it could be something else. Like rabies or something.

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