Godamnit. I was spring cleaning my Zen and decided to delete my Jones and X.Ray shows I had lovingly recorded, thinking that I had copies of them on my external drive. Well I don’t and now I am left Jones and X.Rayless- two really good shows too, the Halloween special and one with a really good Bee Gees track followed up by Frankie Valli singing Grease. Now I am left with the Real media archives. Sigh. And I know this affects no-one and is the ultimate navel-gazing post, but I miss my Jonesy and X.Ray on demand. Boo.

Really good stuff: Photos from merkley??? (NSFW)

There’s another thing to add to my list of things about me- I would like someone to take some hot photos of me. I think I could put on a decent show, with enough practice. I think I just need a remote release- Stick to the toys…

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