Cup a soup

Cup-a-soups. Cuppa soups. Whatever: Re-hydratable soup that comes in a powdery formulation that is packaged in a foil packet. Have you ever seen cup-a-soup in a bowl? It’s just plain bizarre.

It is so thin in consistancy that it somehow suits being served in a cup- It would be classified on the beverage branch of the liquid familial tree. Along with stock cubes.

Saturday- spending the morning warming up to doing some work by browsing reviews on PunterNet of local “escorts” and the like. I find the sites of local prostitutes very interesting because you usually get to read a bit about them and they have pictures of (supposedly) themselves in a variety of poses and settings. Also I like the idea that when you go out for the evening some women around you might be running meters.

I have always found the background setting of pornography fascinating- The anonymous hotel rooms with their brightly patterned bedspreads to hide stains, the “bosses office” with the phones, planners and pen pots to make it look “realistic”, the locker room etc. I did a series of artworks based on this interest, blanking out the performer so that you were left with a coloured void and the crummy set behind.

Ah, artwork. How I would love to do some- maybe remake my Clyfford Still-inspired piece on a larger-scale and using more durable materials. I think a series of large paintings of my voids and backgrounds would be good, but of course I still have the longing to make my Mr Orange warehouse films. I have to find an AVI to MPEG converter first (freeware ‘cos i’m cheap) so I can edit Reservoir Dogs in Premiere. Grrr.

But I gotta write 3000 words, write a log I haven’t done, update my professional portfolio, sort out lesson plans and think about putting together a portfolio for interview. Oh and find a job. With this, Mid Atlantic will be a welcome relief come Monday.

Oh and listening to tracks from FMGT, Moistworks, Palms Out Sounds and High tide on the sea of synths from Motel de Moka. And sneezing a lot, but now my back only hurts when I breathe. Hooray!

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