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So I’ve been thinking… Sex of the heterosexual and penetrative form- What’s the point?

From research it has been generally found that approximately 70% of women do not experience orgasm through vaginal penetration. It has also been theorised that so-called difficulty of bringing a woman to orgasm is an evolutionary tactic, because a male who bothers is clearly going to be more attentive in a relationship, leading to well-supported offspring. Which of course is what sex and love is all about.

It takes an average of twenty minutes of clitoral stimulation for a woman to reach orgasm.

When penetrative sex occurs the man experiences pleasure due to stimulation of the highly sensitive penis which is loaded with nerve endings. The woman is not stimulated through penetrative sex in the same way so this results in no orgasm. In my (albeit limited) experience there seems to be an expectation that sex ends after male orgasm through penetration. I totally understand that it’s not like there is only one person involved and that because males orgasm through that form of physical stimulation you must sort of sacrifice your own pleasure for that of the other. It’s give-take.

It’s an interesting construct- human genitals being perfectly designed for the “correct” task of heterosexual sex that actually bears no relation to female pleasure. Combined with idea of what it is to be a man and the ideas of male sexuality it seems an impossibility for women to have satisfying sexual lives. From a structural point-of-view, homosexual sex is much better.

I am only talking about orgasm here and not desire or intimacy, comfort etc. although the ideals of sexuality impact on these too- men are Pavlovian animals designed to react in an unfeeling, powerful, penetrative manner to the smallest of stimuli. Yes men are more visually orientated than women but that does not preclude them from experiencing feelings of intimacy (comfort, care, security etc).

Maybe it’s just me who thinks too much- I’m the sort of moron who in the middle of sex cannot stop thinking ‘what’s the point of what’s going on here, exactly?’ and experiences feelings of alienation and dissatisfaction (maybe because i’m not enjoying myself fully? because I’m crazy?). Yeah, just me. Sometimes I just feel like throwing my hands up and going fuck it- I can’t be arsed with this shit. We’re obviously here for your pleasure so just fucking come and be done with it. Like, this is never going to work for me- I’m bored already.

I think the next poor sap I manage to hook up with is going to have my entire sexual life-history related to them so I can shut up and maybe manage to enjoy myself, depending on their competancy of course :D See, that was the idea with Mid Atlantic (years of talking, relating etc.) so I would feel comfortable… didn’t *quite* work- emotional intimacy leading to more enjoyable physical intimacy but ultimately to getting taken for a ride. Yee haw.

WTF am I going on about? I’m not entirely sure- Male/female norms of sexual behaviour is something I just think about a lot. Maybe it’s down to my experiences or maybe it’s just something I find intriguing; I think it’s probably a combination of the two. Of course maybe it’s just because I’d like some physical and emotional intimacy at the moment. Is it because I am too singular that I am never seen as a going prospect for partner? Fuck… that is a whole ‘nother conversation.

The idea of something classed as biological when it could be considered entirely social is very interesting to me, but I think it ties up with my interest in love, attraction etc. existing as culturally-sanctioned, chemically-induced behaviour moulding phases. Woah.

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Yes, so the essay still hasn’t been completed. Ha.

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