Car fixed toy spree

So I don’t have a job, there are fireworks going off outside so it sounds like i’m being shelled, I do not have perfect abs nor a significant other… but

  • My car was fixed and it didn’t cost an arm nor a leg and now proudly sports a shiny new exhaust (all better my little battered one)
  • I had a good conversation on the phone to France and my Mum in which we laughed about how I get pissed off when she pesters me about getting a job (light relief at last)
  • I had fish and chips for tea (which they now put in a box blatently to control portion size boo!)
  • I have milk and bread to last the entire weekend (multiple fried egg sandwiches and tea woo!)
  • My m-o-n-k-y necklace has been made and is winging it’s way across the Atlantic for me (hooray)
  • I went on a toy spree just so I could get a free vibrator (bank balance boo but physical well-being yay)

I have 3000 words to write this weekend and a PowerPoint presentation to bodge together yet I am strangely calm.
It’s not like life is particularly good but hey, I feel good right now and I am existing in happy equilibrium.

So expect posts lamenting my stupidity at leaving things to the last minute and cursing the world when I have written about 100 words total.

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