25 More Things

Twenty-five more

  1. I suck my thumb and rub my nose to comfort myself. No I have never had braces.
  2. My only two ambitions in life are to open a doughnut shop and a really good sex shop- when I say good, I mean nicely outfitted with good products and friendly to all. My two shops will be called Cop Shop for the fried/baked goods and Cock Shop for the goodies.
  3. I have had three surgeries to remove growths from in and around my sinuses. One of the growths removed from the inside of my airways was a couple of inches long. Ak.
  4. When I lie down and tilt my head sometimes you can hear the contents of my head shifting from side to side.
  5. I think that peanut butter and iceberg lettuce make a good sandwich.
  6. I ate cheese, cucumber and mayonnaise-filled pitta bread practically every day when I was at Primary school.
  7. I think spikey hair is attractive.
  8. I prefer brunettes.
  9. My token pretty boy is SPF.
  10. I once took a pregnancy test in a shopping centre’s toilets. I was two months late. It was thankfully negative.
  11. I don’t drink beer due to it’s vomit inducing abilities (and not through overdoing it). It just tastes well, er, disgusting.
  12. I enjoy a pint of cider. Or vodka and mixer.
  13. I do not like aniseed or liqorice flavours, milk or mint when combined with alcohol. See entry for Monday, 29 August 2005 (Flaming Lamborghini)
  14. I like Coco Pops. I enjoy mixing them with cornflakes or weetabix or on their own.
  15. I have perfect bloodpressure.
  16. No-one has ever made me orgasm. I think this is down to me not being able to switch off and relax because I have never had sex in a caring relationship. Me and a toy and I have no such issues.
  17. I have never and will never fake it.
  18. In bed I like to dominate now and then, but only if the bed-sharer attempts to dominate back.
  19. If I ever get hitched I will NOT have cream-coloured invitations. I think aubergine purple and lime green is a far nicer combo.
  20. Being alone in a room with my Dad makes me feel uncomfortable.
  21. I can be described as part Scottish/English/Irish/French/Egyptian.
  22. I lost about 700 quid on The Monster.
  23. I won a 50 quid bet with a Young Professional (Ra) that two years later I would still love wrestling. I also won a tenner betting that nothing would happen between me and Mid Atlantic over a six month period. It took me another year to break that one.
  24. I think being stranded on an Island with Captain Jack Sparrow would be a good thing. With or without the rum.
  25. If I was male my Mum would have called me Kevin. I think this was around the time Mr Keegan was doing rather well in Germany.

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