Yeah. So feeling like I want to puke upon reading things really helps with any decisions I may or may not have made.

Note to self: Try to read certain blogs but once per week to cut down on feelings of nausea.

Only another 20 days to think about it… Unless of course I move the self-imposed deadline forward.

I think I am far too neutral when it comes to dealings involving my happiness- I am anxious to be seen as reasonable and as far from a psycho as possible, because being called a stalker by a male is possibly the worst thing you can be called.

I have never been a stalker and don’t think I could ever be one (independent observers confirm this) but I worry that I like people too much and that this might freak them out. Though on analysing my behaviour all it seems is that the people I am worried about offending really just don’t like me that much.

Whilst typing to The Monster online last night he mentioned that he was finding it hard adjusting to being on his own. I had to laugh over this statement- I am the rather unwillingly confirmed batchelorette who has always been single without an ounce of commitment from anyone- so I have to say that my sympathies were shall we say, limited.

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