holiday ak

Sigh. Getting the holiday itch. I want to go to Texas, or tour some National Parks. Vegas, Red Rock… I would like to find a secluded spot amongst the rocks, strip off and stand and face the desert before me, stretching my arms out and breathing the tight desert air. Feeling the hot wind on my skin and sandstone against my feet. Maybe stretch out on a boulder, get a red dusting along my spine and some grazes on my knuckles.

Never done public nudity before, and it wouldn’t really be public (i’d hunt for seclusion); being naked and exposed to the intense heat of the desert just seems right.

Never been to Death Valley or the Grand Canyon; i’d like to visit Joshua Tree NP and Rhyolite.

Actually, it’d just be nice to go somewhere fun and interesting with someone fun and interesting. And male. Aand appreciative. Dammit.

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