DIY abortion

With women’s reproductive rights being seriously threatened in the US, a nice round up of DIY abortion has been published by Bitch Ph.D: Can We Safeguard Abortion?.

I did not realise that you can take a larger dose of your standard contraceptive pills as emergency contraception. Facts such as that are things that us women really should know but which do not seem to be publicised very much. Of course, if we knew we could take such action we would be having rampant unprotected sex all the time, irresponsible whores that we all are. Same goes for the morning after pill.

Women have the most to lose (or gain for that matter) by becoming pregnant, yet they are not the only ones in the equation- Why is it women are made out to be drunken sluts who get abortions done in their lunch hours and the men are rarely mentioned? All the women I know who have taken emergency contaception have done so alone without support, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Teenage mothers are demonized- The number is quite small; what about the teenage fathers who knocked them up in the first place?

The post from Molly Saves the Day is particulary interesting- the mechanics of an abortion. I mean, I know the basics behind it but to read about what sound a curette should make when scraping against clean uterine wall is fascinating. It is just tragic that the majority of women across the world still rely on illegal abortion when medical/surgical techniques are very simple and greatly reduce the risk of death or infertility.

South Dakota looks like it is going to attempt to outlaw legal abortion for women residing within the state. So, it’s okay to get a face lift or your vagina normalized, but not terminate a pregancy? I swear, if men were equipped with uteri, abortions would most definitely be able to be done in a lunch hour and men would sit around in the pub discussing how manly they were last moth with the terrible period pains they had.

For the women of South Dakota: An Abortion Manual

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