In no particular order:

1. Complete my course and find a job i feel happy to do with as small a gap from graduation as possible. is that three?

2. Do more kissing. I spent one evening the entire of last year making out. It was glorious. The soft touch goes straight to my nether regions and has a special place in my heart. Kissing, caressing, someone focused on my needs (I give a lot). is that three?

3. This is far more problematic. The first two (six?) I came up with immediately. Okay- Melt a little. So I feel more easy in potentially stressful social situations. And sexualised situations. Have more faith in my seductive qualities, that I can excite and turn on. How I will accomplish this I am not entirely sure, but i’m thinking exposure and practice is what is required.

No whoring for me though.

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