spanish golf

During the week I was helping a Yr9 pupil construct a model using paper pulp when the boy next to him started talking about getting some poontang over the weekend with his buddies. I told him to stop talking, and that this conversation was completely inappropriate for the classroom. He continued, and told me that poontang meant golf in spanish. “Honest, Miss. It means golf in spanish. We’re going to invite some girls over and play some poontang. Lots of girls…”

This is from the same pupil who passed a pair of scissors across the table to his friend by throwing them. I told him again to cease and desist, and that I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“I’ve watched enough wrestling in my time to know exactly what that word means, and I know it doesn’t mean golf. So stop it, now.”

“Miss, Miss- Do you watch wrestling on TV?”
“No, I don’t.” (I lack the pay TV and so watch dvds)

and so logically he asks

“Do you watch any TV at all Miss?”
“Yes. Get on with your work.”

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