First day fini

So I completed my first day. It was good. So far the people seem nice and not up their own arses, the tutors were not playing good cop/bad cop anymore, I made a hat for my task partner that looked like a large blue stringy translucent jellyfish (she liked the colour blue, textiles and cardmaking) and she made me a hat shaped like a wrestling ring, made out of tape and straws. Oh the grin on my face. Oh and yes, when asked what sort of things I liked doing, was interested in etc, so that she could construct some suitable headgear, I said wrestling without hesitation. Gah.

So the day was not as horrific as it could have been, and my school allocation is quite good and not too far away and I was actually quite inspired by the course director’s opening speech. A dangerous one about blind belief vs. challenging the norm (ie religion + government = taliban) to make people’s lives better. I kept wanting to shout “We love thee FSM!” Somehow I managed to keep control of myself.

On the way home I spied a shiny black Dodge Ram 1500 with a pair of golden testicles affixed to the towbar. Yes, truck nuts.

Pictures of nut traumas (totally worksafe): bbpics

I finished Tietam Brown last night when I was having difficulty sleeping due to nerves. Seriously good. Disturbing, violent, upsetting. I don’t tear up often when reading but this book managed it. If not minding 325 stitches wasn’t enough to make me wonder about Mick Foley, the things he’s put down in that book certainly make me wonder what darkness lurks inside him, and why. So very dark.

On to Scooter. Hoorah.

“It’s your mouth- Brush it your way” Thanks for reminding me that my mouth is nothing but a recepticle for product, and i’d like to choose steel wool and soap flakes if that’s alright with you conglomerate.

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