wfmu and ayers and ART

Lots of interesting sounds, sounds and opinions to be heard on WFMU, an independent, Clear Channel-free zone of greatness. In the small selection I have sampled so far, Antique Phonograph Music Program alt. w/ Thomas Edison’s Attic is highly reccommended as is Radio Thrift Shop with Laura Cantrell. Also Music to Spazz By with Dave the Spazz. An abundance of variety and weirdness. Tropical fruit review? Wondrous.

Sara Ayers ambient work is also very good. I particularly like Cumber from A Million Stories; Broad, sweeping sound that swirls about you as you listen. I’m not a big one for ambient but I do enjoy sound installations where I can let the sounds wash over myself so I am isolated from the rest of the world (well, at least the gallery-goers). I remember Stephen Vitiello‘s piece World Trade Center Recordings: Winds After Hurricane Floyd… the sounds the World Trade Centre towers made as they moved back and forth in the wind, the creaks and groans, sounds of traffic far below, the noise that would otherwise be unnoticed.

Oh, and the best parts of the Millenium Dome: Longplayer and Ryoji Ikeda‘s installation matrix (for acoustic dislocation) in a darkened, angled filled room. So maybe I do like ambient, but in an up-it’s-own-arse-arty-type a way. Aaand Douglas Gordon‘s Feature Film. Okay, so that has visuals, but I was transfixed for over an hour; sitting alone in the black space in the Pompidu, staring at the screen and feeling just wonderfully swept away.

On that tangent- One of my all-time-favourite works of art is Win, Place or Show by Stan Douglas. Two men inside a small flat talk about the weather, the horses and then fight. They then talk about the horses, the weather, the state of the building and then fight. And so on. Six minutes per loop, computer-controlled so that 12 different camera angles are randomly mixed per loop so that you would have to watch the work for two years to see a repeated scene. I sat for about and hour in front of that split screen. I never got bored. My love of art and cinema neatly colliding in a darkened room.

Those darkened rooms. They lead to trouble.

Hmmm… more art: I saw Simon Patterson at the Ikon Birmingham recently. I was much taken with his fucking with classification systems, J.P.233 in C.S.O. Blue and Escape Routine. I am into classification so appreciated his love of detail and then the rampant destruction of order so time-consumingly created.

I’ve also been giving some attention to my book on Kent Rush. The “luminous darkness” of his work is beautiful. Makes me feel like doing some artwork. Argh.

Posting about art… What the fuck is wrong with me?

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