Real Alternative

Mwah mwah mwahhh… Thanks to Real Alternative I can now watch (almost) crystal clear Impact! with stereo that doesn’t sound like it is being broadcast from inside Oscar’s can. Bonus. Wrestling fix… gahhh….

2 Responses to Real Alternative

  1. MW#2 says:

    It wasn’t my fault.. and it wasn’t a black dildo in the photo.. it was her hand.. :)
    glad you had fun.. shame it took you forever to get over it all.. :D I felt fine.. (then again.. apparently according to you.. I’M HAARRRRDDCCCOOOORRRRREEEEE…)

  2. monky says:

    Well, I may not be “hardcore” but at least I can usually manage to post a comment in the correct blog entry. But never mind, eh?
    I’m sorry I was factually incoherant over the dildo, but i’m sure you told me that’s what you had watched on the webcam. I was blending facts, and I apologise for the inaccuracy and have edited to reflect this.
    More of the same fun please, but less of the multi-shot shooters…
    … and I like the new email address. Catchy.