Happy Vamp

keeping the side upI like to keep tabs on my boy Vamp “every so often” and was overly excited today to find photographic evidence that he is alive and kicking (or at least was on the 16th of July) courtesy of FCW. Actually, I don’t worry for his survival as he is more than capable, I worry more that when I come across a picture of him on my trawls he will be looking terrible. Letting me down. Like, duh.

I follow how he’s been getting on recently wherever he happens to be plying his trade, I take an interest in his welfare- No breaks, tears or concussions, drug-related episodes etc. Why, he’s just the type of man I go for! I’ve spent years doing exactly that with people I can actually kiss. Oh hooray.

He’s looking quite fetching in this 16/07 pic. Fetching in a Vampiro way. I like his messy hair, shredded top and the way that the tat on his neck looks like a love bite. The disheveled look is a good look.

What you can’t see (thanks to a nice bit of cropping) is that he’s wearing black tights with red lacing up the outside of his legs and over his crotch. Not such a good fashion choice, Sir. And don’t tell me you don’t care.

Excellent coverage of all things Lucha: CMLLBlog

Sigh. Vamp is making me miss the intimacies of men. Not meaning the intercourse, but being able to squish close and feel safe and secure. Even with all the excitement on offer from MW#2, I think that’s what I miss the most and it hurts all the more when you’ve no-one to give good hug.

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