Kiru Biru Mangusta

Have decided that when I win the lottery or marry a rich man (or in total fantasy land, earn enough money) I shall purchase a De Tomaso Mangusta or Pantera. The Mongoose is Bill’s ride from Kiru Biru Vol 2. I saw it parked next to Budd’s trailer and was rather taken by its beautiful wedge-shaped style. I particularly like this Purple Passion Pantera. The alloys are not quite to my liking but the colour is fabuloso.

To have a racing version with a big Lambo-style spoiler on the back would be most excellent, like this GT5. Oh and go faster stripes. I am such a car whore. I love muscle cars and have a horrible soft spot for kev’d up vehicles. There are so many cars I would love to drive, or maybe just sort of sprawl about on the bonnet for a while at least. As long as they don’t have chromed petrol caps.

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Here’s some gratuitous car crawling:

The 1961 Chevrolet Corvette XP-755 Mako Shark Concept Car

Mako Shark

Geeky concept discussion: Corvette Action Center

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