Welcome to nopokemeo v1.1

Welcome to nopokemeo v1.1!

Run using Movable Type it now contains two blogs. There’s this main blog page and also the associated Daily Link Trawl where links I don’t have the time to write more fully about are placed in storage for the reader to peruse. This site is best viewed on a screen that has plenty of room for your eyes.

In time there will be a search feature allowing you to search for anything on either blog but until I get round to it you will have to wait. Kinks need to be ironed out (shame) and the site logo will be cleaned up a little, too. The archives should contain all the ramblings of Monky that were on the former site and each blog has it’s own separate archive.

Please let me know if a link is broken or you hate the new site design. Please be gentle. You can do this by either emailing me or through the gift of the comments feature below each post. Yes, you can now abuse the Monky as well as poke her.

Patrick is here too. I’m sure Pokey is lurking in the silt somewhere… Disgusting creature

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