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Have you ever wanted to

Have you ever wanted to physically harm someone?
Well, i have and on many occasions. This is because i’m mad, bad and oh-so dangerous to know. Annoying girls whipping you with their hair? Small boys in the circle pit overflowing into your face? Passed over for promotion? You’re being used as a doormat once again? Or perhaps you’ve just had enough of life and Post Office queues. Stab. sTaB. STaB. Go on, make them suffer. You’ll feel better for it. For a while anyway.

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From being a melancholy ode

From being a melancholy ode to male indecision and lies…
…to bitchin’ ’bout ho’s:

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Yo’ ass won’t admit yo’ ass love me n’ shit.
And so how am I ever know?
Yo’ ass only tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, know what I’m sayin’?

A million times I ax yo’ ass,
And then I ax yo’ ass over again n’ shit.
Yo’ ass only answer
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.”

If yo’ ass can’t make yo’ mind up,
We’ll never get started, know what I’m sayin’?
And I don’t wanna wind up
Being parted, broken-hearted, know what I’m sayin’?
So if yo’ ass really love me,
Say yes, know what I’m sayin’?
But if yo’ ass don’t, dear, confess n’ shit.
And please don’t tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.”

If yo’ ass can’t make yo’ mind up,
We’ll never get started, know what I’m sayin’?
And I don’t wanna wind up
Being parted, broken-hearted, know what I’m sayin’?
So if yo’ ass really love me,
Say yes, know what I’m sayin’?
But if yo’ ass don’t, dear, confess.”
And please don’t tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps n’ shit.

Courtesy of the language tools at Ask Snoop and The Universal Translator

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On the board they

On the board they had a link to an interview with Chris Harding of Shynola. Shynola have done many excellent videos for groups such as Radiohead and Junior Senior and did the vid for ‘Go With The Flow.’

Shynola: QotSA 'Go With The Flow'

In the 3D Festival interview Chris talks about how they did it and what the problems were working with 2D and 3D= Lots. It was a nightmare apparently. All the people, cars, props etc had to be painted out black or white to make rotoscoping easier. An article in the NME quoted Nick as he was being painted saying ‘This is gonna be shit…’ How wrong he was. GWTF is wild and has some great spaced-out visuals and is beautifully done. It’s like animated Frank Miller.

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I went to see the

I went to see the Fine Art exhibition today. Like Kid’s TV that’s never as good as when you were a child, this year’s offerings weren’t as good as those of years past. There were a few stand-out pieces but nothing really attention grabbing.

One good piece was a white room populated with what looked like wax castings of sacks. The wax pieces were very visually intriguing, their smooth glacial appearance blending seamlessly into the room. It’s a shame these pieces were in such a small space, a larger rooms would have better suited them. I can imagine them in a large gallery/warehouse type environment against a grey painted floor. They wouldn’t blend any more but I think it would make them even more intriguing.

Another excellent piece was outside. It consisted of a large concrete hoop in the grass with concrete podiums spaced evenly every 2 metres or so. A wave sine flowed around the edge of the concrete whilst on top of the podiums sat pale blue wine glasses filled with different amounts of water. Underneath each glass was a small blue chamber topped with glass inside of which lay a metal butterfly. Every so often the butterfly would begin to flutter and move and the glasses would begin to softly hum like someone was running their finger around the top of a glass. The glasses would sing at different pitches and at varying times whilst the butterflies trembled in their clear prisons. It was beautiful, mysterious and really quite wonderful. I would have to say it was my favourite work.

It was just so much better than a lot of the crap on show. Too much looked rushed or not thought through properly. As two of the artists admitted in their catalogue entry- Why do they do it- ‘Because we can!’ Proving that you can do something- Does that automatically make it art? Does it make it worthy of the viewer’s attention? Does art need to be produced for an audience or to satisfy some selfish desire? I’m not so sure there are definite answers to those questions, debate is as close as we can come.

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Oh to be a fly

Oh to be a fly on the bedroom wall of this threesome…

iggy, marilyn & josh: no man breasts here

Actually, who says i would have to just watch? Oh don’t go there.

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Brixton Academy 22/06/2003 Oh God

Brixton Academy 22/06/2003

Oh God it was great. Great sound, great atmosphere and grrreat eye candy. Best gig I’ve been to. It was superb, the band were most definitely up for it and they most certainly delivered. They played so many songs- around 22/25 tracks from all three albums and they did two encores. And Nick got naked for the last. It was really funny to see Josh laughing and pointing at him (and Nick returning the favour). Josh introduced him as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Nick Oliveri. He wants you to all suck his f****n’ c**k!’ Extra comedy was when Nick first started to play and his penis was kind of squished in between his guitar and sticking out the side.

The outing didn’t start well as I had paid money for two tix and was going alone. I’d also stupidly managed to get seats in the circle upstairs, rather than the infinitely preferable stalls standing. If you stand you can move and jump around or escape if need be; if you’re stuck in a seat you can’t get close to the stage or get your ears shredded by the speakers (damn it). I flogged my tickets to a tout and got myself a single ticket for downstairs and managed to get in whilst holding my breath with nerves. All that money spent to find it was a fake would be gutting. Anyway, I got in and purchased myself a fetching tight QotSA tee woo hoo! I was wearing my ‘You Suck’ Kurt Angle tee so I made my way towards the ladies to put it on. However, my seemingly innocent trip to the toilet was interrupted when two of Security challenged me as to where I was going. One of them looked at me and said ‘Alright Mate, where you….Ohhhh.’ With the wrestling top, short hair and boyish figure I was from a distance of four metres a male of the species. Halfway through this challenge the bouncer realised his mistake and broke down laughing and apologising with his buddy. I said it didn’t matter and that I get it all the time and proceeded in to change.

The tee didn’t look half bad on me and I came back out to chat with the bouncers. I said ‘Is that better? I’ve got breasts now’ whilst giving my ‘just-about-a-handful’s a playful squeeze. They once again started laughing and looked embarrassed and continued to apologise. I said it didn’t matter (it does) and that it doesn’t bother me (it does) and that at least they were polite about it. One of them started to chat me up with the lines ‘I’m so sorry, God… and you’re so beautiful, too’ to which the other added ‘It’s no use trying now, you’ve already insulted her.’ Ha ha what fun. After that I went to the bar back up the slope and ordered a pint of cider (£3.05!). I got ID’d as usual and as usual the bargirl expressed surprise at how old I was. Fun again.

The band came out to mad antics, cheering, screaming and yelling from the crowd. Behind the stage the wall was covered in simple slatting that would open and close to reveal red, white or black facing or perhaps a pair of scissors, tuning fork, sperm or stiletto boot. Simple but very effective. No Dave but a Joey Castillo on drums and Troy van Leeuwen on bass and slide. Troy was amusing because he wore a tight red leather coat through the entire gig and didn’t really ‘wig out’ in any way preferring to stand up straight and concentrate. Mark Lanagan was there to sing (smoke) for three or four songs (‘Song for the Dead’ ‘Hanging Tree’ ‘God is in the Radio’ etc) and he was wonderful. He has a really great voice that seems to be harsh but yet smooth at the same time. Maybe it’s all those cigarettes and whiskey (or heroin). Joey was great on drums and Nick seemed to be quite quiet. I haven’t seen them live before so I don’t know what he’s usually like. I expected him to be crazier I suppose.

The crazy tag could easily be stuck on Josh. From watching very closely his performances on television shows and videos I had managed to completely miss his hips. That boy can move! It’s like he’s making sweet sweet lurve to his guitar. Except as it’s Josh it’s not makin’ love but wild, passionate and carnal. He moves around a lot. I imagine the walking pheromone is quite a handful ;-) Of course, all these observations come from the mind of an eye-candy connoisseur (read crazy girl) who is rather, erm, ‘taken’ with Mr Joshua Homme. That she might be projecting her own sick and twisted desires onto the unreachable Mr Josh is entirely speculative. Indeed.

I had the most fantastic time. I came out poor, tired, busted up and deaf in one ear. What more could you ask for?

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Wow. I just took a

Wow. I just took a test at Quizilla ‘What type of girlfriend are you?’ Apparently i am the ‘Perfect Girlfriend’…
‘You’re the perfect girlfriend. Which means you’re rare or that you cheated :P You’re the kind of chick that can hang out with your boyfriend’s friends and be silly. You don’t care about presents or about going to fancy placed. Hell, just hang out. You’re just happy being around your boyfriend.’
I now feel extra secure within myself that my Boyfriend picked me for the right reasons. I’m so cool. Yay!

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Today has not been a

Today has not been a good day. I’m allergic to something (life) and i’ve not been able to sleep properly for the last couple of nights and it’s getting to me. My face has swelled and my nose somehow manages to be both blocked and running at the same time. Whassupwiddat??? My bin looks like a giant hamster is using it for a nest it is so full of tissues.

My piercing also seems to be growing out; the skin is getting quite thin over it, I’ll have to take it out and get it re-done. I’ve got that tattooing urge at the moment too- Self harm the expensive way. Lack of cash prevents me from indulging right now as i blew a large amount on tickets to see Queens of the Stone Age at Brixton on Monday 23rd. Due to a number of factors i’m now going alone to watch from the balcony. I’m not exactly looking forward to what should have been a night of joy. Of course, there’s the added cost of a travelcard, food (BK), drink (cider at £3.00 a pint) and the compulsary merchandise purchase.

I’ve been feeling down recently and my allergies add to my misery. When i’m feeling down i replay and rehash past events in my mind, thinking and worrying about things i don’t really have much control over. I usually end up alone back at the ranch, the lonesome cowgirl in the rocking chair. Things just get to me and it would sometimes be nice to have someone i could share with, good things and bad. I’ve just got heart ache. Sad to say but i miss the physicality of a relationship. I say miss, but what i really mean is yearn for, as i haven’t ever been in any sort of relationship. I don’t mean physical like random sex but curling up with someone, holding them or the simple intimacy of a kiss. To be lost in that moment and not have my demons barracking me from the back of my mind as i lean in. Not to have to worry who’s watching or why my partner is with me or how long for. Disorganised i may be but i actually want to be there for someone, help them out and give them all the crazy love i’ve got inside of me. My name’s Monky Moo and i’ve gotta lot of love to give…

My surrogate Boyf is a sex toy and a stuffed toy. A sex toy for pleasure and Patrick the handmade starfish for curling up and spilling my guts to. The remaining hamster died a couple of weeks ago so i don’t have her to talk to anymore. Patrick is a good listener and isn’t judgemental about the way i look or how i feel. He’s great! He won’t leave me or ignore me but he also can’t hug me back or give me a back rub. I give lots of love but don’t receive much back. Where have i experienced that before…?

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