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Submission success (at last!)


The deadline was 4pm.

I ended up going sick from work (i’m a professional) and working solidly from 8am onwards – if I hadn’t done so i’d be totally fucked. It was right to the wire too – as the clock headed past 3.30pm I was genuinely afraid I wasn’t going to get it all put together in time.

It turned out okay – not great, disorganised in places, and not including all the data I wanted to, as I ran down the clock putting together the appendices. Oh God how I hate appendices and tables of contents… they take so long to organise. OH WELL.

Felt pretty fucked up by the end of it due to anxiety, fear and lack of sleep. It feels great to not have it hanging over me now I must say.

Thanks to the ever amazing RescueTime tracking of my PC activities (hello lots of data for my essay!) i’m able to tell you how long I spent writing it – just over 19 hours. This seems bonkers for 4389 words, but there was a lot of dicking about and trying to work out what the fuck I actually wanted and needed to say.

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“Sick Day” Essay Disaster

So this is awful: I am actually going to bunk off work today so that I can finish my essay. I’ve got some right fuckers of classes too, so I doubt we’ll miss each other, but I do feel bad for things to have come to this. Ridiculously stressful, and my essay is going to be crap.

I don’t think i’ve ever struggled quite as much as I have done with this essay; WHY OH WHY didn’t I apply for an extension…?

My life is officially a shambles.

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