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It’s that time of year yet again where I valiantly copy-and-paste together my tutor reports (I used to carefully craft each one, but 10,000 words later they often didn’t even read what i’d written); it’s all about the subject variation – “I have greatly enjoyed being X’s form tutor and wish her every success in the future” versus “I wish her every success in the future.” Particularly as I am leaving, trying not to get bogged down in them and give less of a shit makes sense to me.

No further developments with regards dating.


My first sewing foray into setting sleeves and working with bias binding was also a fail – unfortunately the crêpe fabric i’d chosen was incredibly slide-y, and I found sewing in a straight line, keeping the grain of the fabric true very difficult. The one sleeve I put in was fucking awful! So that got chucked in the “maybe later one decade” box. I suppose the binding experience was useful.

During the week I met up with a former student from many years ago who was looking to get some private art tuition as she makes her way back into making; the meeting was interesting and productive, and if things move forward the extra money would certainly be appreciated, but also it’s a way to get something not-school-based in terms of experience which would be good.

Tomorrow I have to drop off a piece of artwork to go on display during the local Arts Week; i’ll have one textile-y piece from my course and a sculpture from my pottery classes – getting things out there ever so slowly.

Also, nopoke was TWELVE a couple of weeks’ back. Good grief.

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