It’s probably because I feel there’s little time left before I leave my current post, so much to do and i’m tired, but i’m finding the whole dating thing quite emotionally taxing. I’ve had a little taste of some potential good stuff, but the “Is he still going to be interested in three weeks?” question runs slap bang into “Oh he’s really very appealing – I can’t concentrate on work”.

It’s hard not to get attached. When I was in my default mode of EVERYONE’S SHIT I DON’T CARE I was much less angsty; now the possibility of success or failure has been dangled in front of me for the first time in years that comfortable neutral where relationships are not on my radar has evaporated, and i’m left feeling rather glum this evening. If things don’t work out I know i’m going to be crushed. Ugh.

Ice cream.

Healthy coping mechanisms.

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