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It’s that time of year yet again where I valiantly copy-and-paste together my tutor reports (I used to carefully craft each one, but 10,000 words later they often didn’t even read what i’d written); it’s all about the subject variation – “I have greatly enjoyed being X’s form tutor and wish her every success in the future” versus “I wish her every success in the future.” Particularly as I am leaving, trying not to get bogged down in them and give less of a shit makes sense to me.

No further developments with regards dating.


My first sewing foray into setting sleeves and working with bias binding was also a fail – unfortunately the crêpe fabric i’d chosen was incredibly slide-y, and I found sewing in a straight line, keeping the grain of the fabric true very difficult. The one sleeve I put in was fucking awful! So that got chucked in the “maybe later one decade” box. I suppose the binding experience was useful.

During the week I met up with a former student from many years ago who was looking to get some private art tuition as she makes her way back into making; the meeting was interesting and productive, and if things move forward the extra money would certainly be appreciated, but also it’s a way to get something not-school-based in terms of experience which would be good.

Tomorrow I have to drop off a piece of artwork to go on display during the local Arts Week; i’ll have one textile-y piece from my course and a sculpture from my pottery classes – getting things out there ever so slowly.

Also, nopoke was TWELVE a couple of weeks’ back. Good grief.
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It’s probably because I feel there’s little time left before I leave my current post, so much to do and i’m tired, but i’m finding the whole dating thing quite emotionally taxing. I’ve had a little taste of some potential good stuff, but the “Is he still going to be interested in three weeks?” question runs slap bang into “Oh he’s really very appealing – I can’t concentrate on work”.

It’s hard not to get attached. When I was in my default mode of EVERYONE’S SHIT I DON’T CARE I was much less angsty; now the possibility of success or failure has been dangled in front of me for the first time in years that comfortable neutral where relationships are not on my radar has evaporated, and i’m left feeling rather glum this evening. If things don’t work out I know i’m going to be crushed. Ugh.

Ice cream.

Healthy coping mechanisms.
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Leia Ewok Village was right: some dates really do improve upon second viewing :)

Had a great evening out last night in a nearby town with, hmm, codename to come if we continue things… we had a couple of pints and an excellent burger before meandering back to my train home under a full moon. Much more of a connection, he was much more relaxed and proactive, and I would really like to see him again.

There was some serious nerdgasming: we argued about why Kirk or Spock weren’t played by women in the Star Trek reboot – he thought they should’ve been, I passionately disagreed – the characters are too entwined with the original actors playing the roles, and you want to encourage past viewers with fond memories to watch. I also knocked a glass of wine into him, but fortunately/unfortunately his Apple watch (YES. I know.) escaped unharmed.

Unfortunately, come Wednesday he’s off on holiday for three weeks. Sigh. I guess we’ll see if things keep going after that.
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