Interesting Times!

So, my inspirational mentor at one of my training schools has landed a new job in Cologne of all places and has let me know she’s handing her notice in Friday; she’s suggested I send a “speculative” email to the school on the same day expressing interest. She says it’s “my school” and would be happy to hand the department over to me; it would be a chance to start somewhere small and make it in my image, and would be good experience, even if it turned out to be for the shorter term.


Post-Friday there is one school week before half term, so that means only two weeks ’til I have to resign. Tricky. Also, they might actually want to advertise, in which case i’m fucked, as there’s no way I want to fuck over my colleagues and the trust I have built with my current school. I have issues with the low status of Art and grade obsession at the school, but still, I agree with my mentor in that it’s worth applying.


For the first time in nearly a year, next week I have a date. With a man who is a professional nerd! He ITs for a living, and also data crunches and writes for the Guardian and (shouts) VICE of all fucking titles. I have already taken the piss, and apparently he enjoys a challenge. SO. We’ll see how that goes.

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