Yes, i’m still alive

I’m afflicted – as always – with an attack of the lazy. What more can I say. Update to follow.

2 Responses to Yes, i’m still alive

  1. S says:

    Hi M!
    I’m traveling and, as I do, thought I’d stop by to say hello. Reading your blog is always a powerful experience. Your writing and eye for photographs are just a pleasure. Your personal life, though, is hard. I know you only by what you write, how you describe your experiences, and what you display. To me, you have such depth it is a crime no one sees it. Not to mention the giving you do on a daily basis. Forget what the hiring committees say, you have that core empathy that all teachers should have. It’s clear you take an interest in your students and really care. Once again, it’s a crime you don’t get the recognition I would say you deserve. Please don’t give up hoping and take care of yourself.
    Your intermittent, itinerant, internet friend,

    • monky says:

      S! Great to hear from you – cheered me up no end waking up to your comment! I hope everything is well with you, the job, your family, and that if you’re doing job-related travelling it doesn’t involve death by PowerPoint.

      What you’ve written is terribly kind and I thank you for it – means a lot, even from an intermittent, itinerant, internet friend!

      There are things I could be doing to enrich my life further, but as you probably know, motivation isn’t my strong point (I’ve started to listen to a really interesting podcast on just this subject – ) so I lead a pretty quiet life. I do like to see myself as the underdog, even when i’m not, and increasingly my reaction to a lack of recognition in either my work or personal life is to withdraw from systems that I feel place too much value on things that do not merit it.

      Am quite rage-y post-election about the world I live in, and I do feel like a lot of what I do at work is pointless, but I take my enjoyment and satisfaction where I can find it. My course has caused me to really think about what I want, and I think although this is good it has led to more dissatisfaction in some ways, whilst giving clarity in others.

      I look every day for the new, be that art or information or jobs, so I haven’t given up… yet. Though I do feel like yelling FUCK YOU ALL at times and withdrawing to a cave in the country (though I hear caves are pricey these days).