Codeine Poppin’

So, it’s a break from work so of course, I’m ill. Joy. I’m usually very sturdy – three days off in the last five years – and one of those was for getting dumped – but whatever I’ve picked up it’s wreaking havoc with my sinuses, which are usually kept in check through medication and saline rinses.

The usual first aid of antihistamines, saline, decongestants and ibuprofen has had little effect. The pain in my face and teeth has meant my sleep has been interrupted (other lovely symptoms include copious amounts of saliva and watering eyeballs) and this afternoon it got the worst I’ve ever experienced and I was pondering whether a trip to A+E would be worth my while. I decided not – your sinuses feeling on fire to the point where you want to gouge them out of your head/cry is neither an accident nor an emergency, and what would they do? Direct me to my GP most likely, and that would mean days before I could get relief.

I went on a grumpy drugs and fabric run and came back with four metres of muslin for art making and ibuprofen + codeine as something new to try. The packaging is covered in dire warnings about “danger of addiction” if I use it for longer than three days. Scary. Two tablets and one long hot bath later I feel better. Not pain-free, but I hope I’ll be able to sleep more easily.

I’m worried about what will happen when the codeine wears off – will I be catapulted back into owowowmakeitstopplease…? Ugh.

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