The Great Wait

Things went quite well on Friday I think; my lesson was workman-like rather than stellar, but the kids were enthused even if I was off my game a bit due to nerves. Seemed like a great school- lovely staff in the department, personable headteacher, good facilities, well-behaved kids; the photography work was a bit dull but there was plenty of scope for development.

Really odd mix of candidates – a PGCE trainee full of nerves and quite dull personality-wise (cheap though of course), an ex-Head of Department who ran her own photography business wanting to go back full-time post-child, and a sloane-y woman from a prestigious private school who applied for a laugh apparently and asked me if I thought she needed to have brought her portfolio as it didn’t say in the advert. To think of the hours I have spent putting mine together! CHRIST.

Head of Department seemed taken with my work – lots of helpful feedback – but then there’s the opinion of the teacher who observed me, the two deputy heads and the head to consider too. I think the interviews went well, and there were no questions I couldn’t answer.

They said they’d call today but i’ve not heard anything yet, so perhaps even though I thought I might be in with a decent shot, or at least it be between me and the ex-HOD, i’ve yet again not been successful. I actually wanted to work there too.

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