Caught – Slump – Machine

After the Great Bird Mite Infestation of 2014, the company that manages my building put up netting to keep out the avian invaders hellbent on making their way inside the loftspace of my flat. Unfortunately, although it stops Pigeons, the netting is widely spaced enough for Starlings to get in and out and back under the eaves where they have barneys, with the result being one poor Starling marooned and entangled. I can’t reach it as my window doesn’t open high enough, so i’ve spent some time today listening to it flap and flap and flap. It’s quiet now, and, I would imagine, dead. Sigh. I’ve emailed the building managers.

I was feeling a bit better about my lot post-job-rejection come the end of the week, until my Mum called Friday evening. She is almost completely unable to give comfort, and I often come away feeling pissed off and extra fed up after such conversations. I think in future that until I actually get a new job I won’t share.

The job I wanted went to the other candidate I thought I was competing with – her post is now being advertised. No, I don’t fancy it. At least I have discovered that schools that closely align with my educational philosophy actually exist. One in three years, twenty applications and four interviews.


And I now own a sewing machine.

I just want this week to be over already.

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