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Transformation Day


Off to Cowfield’s for an afternoon of being Not Me; my bag is full of stuff that in a different context would be perfect for a dirty weekend – wig, stripper shoes, constrictive underwear, makeup bag stuffed to the seams… It’s quite the surreal experience, and I’ve not even got there yet.

I’m looking forward to it, including the discomfort stemming from going orange and having my photo repeatedly taken. Good times!
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Collected my bike and managed to ride it home without

A. Falling off (there were some moments however)
B. Getting knocked off.


I was slow and wobbly and found it hard to stay upright when bumping off curbs (there were some I didn’t even try, choosing to stop and manhandle the bike) as well as when slowing down. Gears… oh gears are weird. I need to work on those too haha. I went quite a way, hilariously quickly compared to walking (this was genuinely amazing to me), and I really enjoyed my ride home. No mudguards or lock yet as I am budgeting and storing the bike in the flat, but at least I have lights and a helmet.

I went through town and meandered around the university after dark on a mixture of roads and pavements; quite a lot of the ride was accompanied by a goofy grin of enjoyment, with the occasional laugh at myself as I wobbled to a stop or nearly lost my balance. Oh dear. Simple pleasures and all that.
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Boooooom (I Am Not A Doctor) – Bike fuckwittery

“A VIEW of the FIRE-WORKES and ILLUMINATIONS at his GRACE the Duke of RICHMOND’S at WHITEHALL and on the River Thames on Monday 15 May 1749.” Wikipedia
Gosh darn you (i’m guessing) ovaries… You’re making my back and innards very sore with your micro-explosioning. A backrub would be appreciated, so it’s Hot Water Bottle City instead. Bizarre how something so small can have such an effect.

Wikipedia – Mittelschmerz

So. The bike I was all excited about? Didn’t exist apparently, despite me ordering and paying for it.


So that got cancelled, but I watched the website and ended up ordering a larger folding bike the next day (full-size hybrid), when I noticed what I think must have been a fuckup by the seller, as they don’t entirely seem to know what they’re doing with their online presence.

Got the dude on the phone to knock the price down fifty quid by pointing out the contradicting prices on the page wooop. Mind you, if I actually get a bike I paid for this time it will be a novelty.
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Too Damn High – Invisible Holiday – Review Downer – Spinsterhood – Bike

Despite the bird lice and the twelve days without hot water without compensation, my landlords have seen fit to let me know they want to raise my rent by nearly ten percent if I renew my contract in December; so far I have negotiated down to seven and a two-year freeze, but i’m pissed off that they’ve heard from someone that they could get more and are trying to take the piss, because if I don’t pay for such a hike, then I can leave and some other fool will.

The fact that a bigger, furnished one-bed flat in the same building recently went for the same amount that they want to try and rent my much smaller, unfurnished studio for, seems not to matter, as they live in the world where they can charge whatever the fuck they want. Fuck this fucking bullshit.

What else. Oh, finally felt some sort of motivation with regards going through my photos of the holiday at this point I feel I never went on. I have around three-hundred of Arches NP alone, so I figure i’m not doing too badly in having edited Pagosa Springs, Durango, Boulder, Denver, Mounts Evans and Princeton and Rocky Mountain NP. Just Arches, Fruita, Colorado National Monument, Mesa Verde and Indian Peaks to go. Woot.

Having to do my review for my performance management is not helping how I feel about my job, as I think back to the lack of progress, or even backwards progress I “achieved” over the past year. Above all, it reinforces how much I want to leave. I’ve never felt so fed up, so early in the school year. Bodes well.

And, whoop-di-fuckin’-doo, it’s just about that time of year where I am unhappily reminded just how little mankind gives a shit about me in romantic terms. At least, I suppose, I managed to achieve my seemingly mandatory two shitty first dates a year. Oh yes, I am a WINNER.

Is there any area of my life I find enjoyment? Well, there’s my ceramics class I guess. So that would be two hours out of 168 each week. Yay?


What else. Ordered a bike. Have a helmet. Will hopefully be able to pick it up in a week or so. Will need to ride it around the park to improve my balance, as when I last cycled (Boulder over the Summer – for the first time in around fifteen years) I was distinctly wobbly.

It’s quarter past midnight on a Monday morning. Is this week over yet??
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