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Hit with a wave of underwhelm

Ugh. First day on the course was decidedly unsatisfying. Felt forced into doing tasks that I did not feel were particularly relevant to me, LOTS of art bullshitting that was laughable. Didn’t come away feeling energised in any way. Voice wavering on the phone to the parentals.

On the positive side, I came up with lots of ideas to explore further from exploring the collections and from talking to my coursemates, who seem to be a friendly, sensible bunch. I’m not the only one that is having difficulty with what we’re doing, so that’s some small comfort.

Every doubt I have all I can think of is the cost of the course, the cost per hour of teaching… :/

I’m exhausted and fed up. Bed.
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Prepared and Well-Rested

Off to the first day of my new course, a return to formal learning for the first time since 2006, what seems like half a lifetime – and a different me – ago.

Jetlag is still taking the piss despite my efforts, so off I go with two hours sleep under my belt. Going to be on top intellectual form today monky aren’t you  :o
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…considerably poorer but much richer in experience, and with a new perspective on a few things. New neighbours downstairs (Oh God) but pleasingly all my plants survived hurrah!
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StrandedSoooo… Ten hours after I was due to depart, I’ve not actually left the UK yet.

A problem with the hydraulics/fuel pump meant that the crew apparently used up the time they are allotted in terms of legality whilst we sat on the tarmac for two-and-a-half hours. So, the flight was cancelled, and the whole fucking plane was bussed to a nearby hotel.

Now I’m sat in what is supposed to be a four star hotel, that has a gurgling aircon unit that has made a wet patch on the floor as it drips from the ceiling. That I trod in. At least it’s free and it’s got free wifi…

Instead of spending the night in Boulder, before, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed going to collect the hire car the following morning, I now need to land, then bus directly to the rental place before driving for five hours after a thirteen hour flight.

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In a metal tuuuube.

Apparently there is a problem with the fuel pump on the plane (!), so I’m glad that my stopover in Washington is four hours, as we still haven’t left Heathrow. Been sat on the tarmac for over two hours :/
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Please switch off brain…

… I have to be up in two hours :/
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