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April Showers

Rainstorm Over The Sea

John Constable
Rainstorm Over The Sea

After three days worrying – and telling myself to focus on what I had control over – I drove MRT to it’s appointment with the garage; I left extra early in case of trouble, and was prepared to drive very gingerly. Started with no trouble, drove with only small hiccups every now-and-then, completely different from the near undriveable horror show only a few days earlier. So continued on my way to work and cancelled the appointment. Drove home without any problems, but I think it’s a case of watch this space.

This weekend sees my getting started on another application on a position for which I probably do not have enough experience; it’s a Head of Department post at a fancy private school nearby. I don’t think I want to lead, but not having any opportunity to do so perhaps it would be okay. Can fulfil nearly all of the person spec points except for the previous experience part, so might as well give it a go.

The next couple of weeks are peak hiring time in teaching, as if you want to start work at a different school in September, notice must be given by the 31st of May. Yes, I realise this sounds weird, but it’s because technically you resign your current position at the end of the Summer break on the 31st of August, so extra notice must be given. This is application number nine, five of which have been UK-based, three of which have been at the Head of Department level. I keep my eye out, but I think my dissatisfaction is not just down to my place of work.

I’m waiting to see what the month of May brings in terms of employment before I commit to doing the post-grad certificate, and I haven’t decided what i’m doing with regards the Summer holiday. I’d jump at the chance to go back to Colorado, as it was so, so beautiful, and i’d love to explore more of the state, see My Beloved Texan again, but my going is totally reliant on my Favourite Aunt letting me stay at her place, which at the moment is not looking likely. I feel rather sad about this, but there’s nothing I can do about it, as I can’t afford to pay for my flight AND accommodation AND car hire.

If I don’t go to Colorado, I really should arrange to go somewhere, even if only for a week or so; I have a family wedding in August, but nothing else. I know that if I don’t organise something, i’m likely to do fuck all for seven weeks, which seems a waste, and I know that i’ll probably feel sad remembering what an amazing time I had last year in Falmouth and Boulder. Must make new memories to replace the sads.

On the subject of which, over Easter I re-activated my dating profile. In what is not exactly a terrible surprise, many of the exact same men are on there, with the newbies having profiles that do not appeal (so poorly written), photos that don’t float my boat, and a large proportion seeking casual relationships, not the committed support I seek.

I almost never meet unattached men in social situations – the things I like to do such as Pilates, pottery are all woman zones – so I suppose if nothing comes of it, at least it’s a different approach. Again, disheartening. It seems quite likely that memories of Petrichor will be the most action I will see for a loooonng time :/

Kissing, holding hands, sitting out and putting the world to rights whilst star-gazing, someone to help me with boring tasks, laughing ’til drink squirts out my nose, curling up with someone – small intimacies. Never mind the sex, it’s those things I really miss about having a partner about.


Anyway, looking forward to the weekend when Leia Ewok Village is paying a visit and copious drinking is probably going to occur with Leia, McCy and others; then it’s Nitram over the bank holiday. And payday woooooo!
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Sweet Christ I am tired. First day back at work and it got off to a good start with my car failing to start (two weeks sitting going nowhere does not seem to be healthy for it), so it was via bus, train and foot that I ended up walking, nae wading through a giant puddle as I made my way back to the whiteboardface. So I started my day cold with one entirely wet foot. Yays!

It turns out that my car is poorly with an as yet unidentified ailment, as the RAC dude who got the car started only succeeded in doing that, as when I took it out for a half hour run to re-charge the battery, I had the most hideous experience with MRT cutting out and losing power mid-drive. Repeatedly. Which was fun, in peak traffic. I am not looking forward to driving it again through yet more notoriously bad traffic when I arrange to get it looked at. Uuuuggggggggh.

After consulting my Dad, flicking through the trusty Haynes manual and having a poke about within MRT’s innards to see if any leads were loose I gave up and had a cup of tea. I then spent an hour on hold trying and ultimately failing to speak to someone at Scottish Power about the hideous amount I have been recently billed. The Katy Perry/Adele/other Radio2 staples on loop as I waited gave me new insight into the CIA’s methods.

Just a Wellbeing session and a parents evening to get through. Thank fuck it’s only a four day week.

When will it end… :(


Sobering – Yet another wrestler dead way before what should be typical when it comes to lifespan. Ugh.

Deadspin – Jim Hellwig, known as the Ultimate Warrior, is dead – Aged 54.

I’ve not watched any wrestling for quite a few years, but my respect for the men and women who do it remains undiminished. I will defend wrestling to anyone that ridicules it, yet by doing so, am I defending a sport/artform that really doesn’t deserve my sympathy or support? I suppose it’s like watching the gymnastics at the Olympics – you know that hundreds of children will have been injured and in all probability emotionally damaged for the few that make it to the top.

I can’t help but feel that the business of wrestling doesn’t have to chew up so many in its path. As a business, it seems deeply unfair that there is no union to offer support, what with everyone being “independent contractors” etc. The people at the top might say that they don’t force people to risk their life and limbs, nor do they force feed them pain medication or steroids, however their preferences with regards aesthetic looks and style of performance shapes the industry, and, obviously, people want to meet those preferences.

It’s like pedigree dogs – breed for health not just appearance. Wrestling has changed before and could change again, for the better health of all involved. Will it though, and how many more have to die?
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Rainbow Painting

Norman Adams
Rainbow Painting (1)
Inscribed on reverse “(1) First Rainbow Painting (Easter Series) 1966 N.A.”

This week marks the start of two weeks away from the whiteboardface; tiredness and stress-wise, things weren’t too bad at work, or at least things have been much, much worse (not that this is saying much). The kids were extra annoying and the fuckery of work got to me that little bit more than usual, but nothing like to the levels that can sometimes happen.

Aside from a trip to a big ceramics exhibition with Caversham Princess, I’ve nothing planned for the break. Oh, aside from haircut time, smear test time and meeting up with my old school mentor and Mum in London, so a few things actually Ms Woe-is-me-I-never-do-anything.

I’m looking forward to spending time experimenting with some paper clay, reading – yes, I have actually got an actual book on the go and am managing to make a go of it a few nights a week – catching up on some TV series (hello return of Game of Thrones!!) and sleeeeping. I also need to catch up on my washing up (when do I not). Fun.

I’ve been trying to work out how I can solve the problem that is me and washing up. I’ve always been shit at it, preferring to leave things to soak… for a… while. Which turns into a week. I am inherently lazy/have an aversion to dealing with certain things, so perhaps I will try just using one plate, one bowl and one set of cutlery for a while and see how I get on with that.

I’ve been enjoying some gaming – Botanicula, a game where you control small plant-type creatures on a quest to rid their world of evil life-sucking spidery things was wonderful. It’s from the same group who did the excellent exploratory Samorost and Machinarium.
I’ve never smiled so much when playing a game… the visuals were lovely – organic and dreamy and totally appropriate for the world I was navigating. As a mushroom.

It was a game where a tiny weeping bug (crying because its bug children were lost) actually made me sad.

The clip embedded to the left shows this terrible scene – and the cuteness.

In addition to GoT, I’ve been re-watching The Closer from the beginning; that really was a great programme and is still super enjoyable. Very much ahead of the curve I think in terms of how a woman in charge is portrayed, the difficulties that come with being in that position, managing work/life needs and balance. The performances from all involved are top-notch, and you care as much about the rest of the squad as you do Brenda Lee.

I have a bit of work to do for work, and need to keep sorting my portfolio and art blog, as nowt has come of that lately.

Must get back to the washing up…

Who am I kidding. Must get back to dancing to 90s house whilst clad only in my underwear.
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