Tate Britain
The new staircase at Tate Britain, as imagined by me in moonlight

Recently went to see Art Under Attack at the newly extended and re-branded Tate Britain accompanied by Favourite Aunt #1; I learned things ooooooooo :D

Specifically, I didn’t know about the systematic destruction of “idolatry” under Cromwell’s reign – the stained glass panels re-cobbled together from shattered pieces were particularly beautiful; I was also unaware of the attacks on paintings by the Suffragettes.

Their idea was that by defacing images of women portrayed as objects, they drew attention to the living, breathing women who were denied a voice and were brutalised by the state.

The issues raised seemed very contemporary, and were all the more interesting for being so.

Escape Plan update:

No-luck on the job in Bristol. They “had a very strong field” and thanked me for my “serious interest” in their school. At least they sent a rejection letter to my application – this is most definitely welcome. Well done, private girls’ school.

I continue to scan for jobs, and am trying to register for another agency, but getting the ridiculous number of references required (four!!) is proving difficult, as I do not trust the management at my school to provide a positive reference, or one that accurately reflects my abilities as a teacher.

Non-management colleagues all rate me, and I receive feedback from both kids and parents as to how supportive I am and that I do a decent job of things. The kids tell me that I am inspiring, and explain things really well, so that they enjoy their art lessons, which is just one aspect that senior management will have fuck all idea about. SIGH.

Back to Favourite Aunt #1: Over a very long and gossip-filled lunch of overpriced sandwiches in the new Tate Café, she told me that she couldn’t understand why, if we got on so well, me and Petrichor wouldn’t want to spend more time hanging out. Shrugs all round.

I said I was asking to spend more time together at Christmas, not asking for a twenty-five year commitment up-front, but that I still felt sad about the situation, as we hit it off *so* very well chemistry-wise, and I experienced so many new, wonderful things that I miss in my life. I admitted my regrets in how I handled some aspects of what happened. I talked about how brains with ADHD apparently handle fear differently. Both of us agreed that life is too short, and that when you make a connection it is a rare, rare thing, and so everyone involved should go for it. She said that he’s an idiot.

Favourite Aunt #1 has been making plans for some time now to make an exit from her deeply unsatisfying, unsupportive, at times abusive marriage. She asked me flat out what I thought the state of her marriage was, and I said that when she’s around her husband, the vivacious, strong, independent and generally fabulous woman disappears. She agreed with me.

I find my Uncle makes me uncomfortable whenever I see him (thankfully very infrequently). He creeps me out, as he’ll literally look me up-and-down and assess me when we meet. He is also very controlling towards my Aunt. UGH.

Anyway, my Aunt is being extremely sensible about it all and has made arrangements to protect herself financially when the moment comes, but that is extremely daunting to her, as she will be telling her husband that their marriage of over thirty years is dunzo. She is very worried about his reaction, in the sense of his anger and how he could direct it.

A very difficult situation.

She’s such a fab, ridiculously smart woman; I hope that everything works out for her, as she really does deserve SO much better…

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