The attempting to run attempt is back on, this time following the NHS Couch to 5K plan. It’s a series of podcasts hosted by a woman called Laura (who is far too positive), motivating you along the way. The music is pretty bad, and I still laugh at just how bad my form is and just how poor my level of general fitness is. So yes, if you see me galumphing about, I will be running in a rather haphazard way whilst laughing.

There are around eight weeks until I head off to Colorado, and I think I need to be in a better state of cardio fitness by that point. So, I now have a goal, which is something I was lacking before, so perhaps this time I will do better on the running front.


2 Responses to Goal

  1. S says:

    Hi M,

    Just stopped by for a quick look. Nice you are going to Boulder. It is a wonderful city – get ready for a serious altitude change and rent a bike – the MOST bike friendly city I have ever visited. Have fun!


    • monky says:

      Hey S! Apologies for the lack of updates and lack of response to your last post. I’ve really got out of the habit of writing; I tend to have a lot I could rant on about, but focus on the minutiae of my existence. I need to get back to giving some opinions on things.

      Anyway, thanks for the info about Boulder; I am indeed concerned about the altitude change. Gentle as she goes for a couple of days seems to be the advice, so I plan to take in a walking tour of downtown to help get me oriented and ease me into things. Even if I fall off the running wagon, a bit better cardio health should help with that too. I’ve thought about doing a bike tour but they are stupidly pricey, and hiring a bike for the day might be a bit of a budget horror but I will have to see how things (i.e. the finances) go.

      Hope all is well with you and yours, and I hope that you manage to get away this Summer too…