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Pixie Green + Fushia Lily

Is it because the days are getting brighter, or due to the pleasure I am getting from my ceramics class, or something completely random: Some small amount of progress is actually being made on the sorting my room out front. Ye gads.

I’ve constructed a couple of small side tables and painted and varnished one of them (hello green and pink legs), got some photos printed out and framed, bought a small lamp to read by and hung up all the clothes that i’d chucked over the end of my bed “temporarily”. I feel more motivated to get things done, which is decidedly weird.

How long will this last I wonder…?
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My First Inspiration

Fuck. Just found out that my personal tutor from my PGCE days died back in December. Suddenly, apparently.

I last saw him in November, which was the first time in years, when we crossed paths whilst I was on my way to visit work experience students. I was so happy to see him, and our five minute chat brightened my day hugely. He seemed very pleased to see me too, asking how I was, whether I was making any work and mocking my hair.

He was a notorious flirt, and the phrase “lovable rogue” could have been made for him; he was an excellent tutor, and I found him both hugely supportive and intellectually stimulating. He was a big asker of questions, and he was the first teacher to be an inspiration to me.
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Sick Week – Jugs A Go-Go

My week of freedom away from the chalkface was uneventful, mainly because I spent the entirety of it being ill. It started with chills that alternated with sweating spells, and progressed to what the internet told me was probably bronchitis, and after two weeks my voice is still not back to normal and i’m still slightly snotty and phlegm-y. Delicious. It makes work a bit more of a challenge, as I can’t raise my voice as I would usually do when I want to get a class’s attention- things take a bit longer.

On a more positive note, my week was spent mostly in the company of my brother, sans parents, which was great. It was lovely to spend time with him, just chatting about random stuff, even if large chunks of time were spent watching him play on the PS3. If it involves Batman, I can’t help myself.

Work has paid for me to go on a fifteen-week ceramics course, which is turning out to be fabulous. It’s on a Monday evening after work, Pilates and shoving food down my face, so I was a bit concerned that I might find it all a bit much. However, my first class was great. I’ve decided to make a hand-built jug, and so slowly but surely i’m building upwards. I am pretty slow!

I had to do some drawing of jug designs and have a sketchbook to keep everything in one place, which is all very satisfying. The other attendees are a mix of ages and experience levels (mostly women), some of whom have been coming to classes for eighteen years. Yes, they enjoy it that much.

Hmmm… what else. Oh, still searching daily for a new job whist continuing to question what I should be doing with myself both on the work front and in my free time. Flat still mired in unopened boxes. Running gear sitting unused. Too much time spent looking at photos of dogs on the internet. Same-old-same-old.
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