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Half-Snow Day


A wonky panorama of the view from my desk yesterday afternoon, after i’d been sent home early from work due to the weather.

It’s not something I would have thought i’d be into (which is stupid, as hello, i’m human), but i’ve discovered that I can happily while away lots of time just looking out the windows by my desk; I people watch, dog watch, and speeding car watch (there’s a speed camera 100m down from the flat). Yes, I am that old lady twitching her net curtains.

I watch the kids enjoying themselves in the playground, climbing all over stuff, learning how to play well with others, I watch the dogs snuffling through the snow, the joggers picking their way along in their luminous outfits. It gives me an enormous sense of well-being. My flat is a comfortable outpost that helps me feel less stressed out, and better overall; I have a stronger feeling of living rather than just surviving. It’s great, even if I have much less money to spend and save each month.


After I got home (an hour-and-a-half to get seven miles), I went for a wander around the park opposite. Lots of kids of all ages, families out for a wander, snowball fights, kids rolling off sledges as they overturned at the bottom of slopes and excited dogs bounding about.

Hello!I was particularly taken with this small Border Terrier having a wee nearby.

Hello little dog!

It’s super to be so near a green (white!) space, and even on the greyest, softest day, there will always be something of interest.

Bit cold to sit on

The man the park is named after
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