Sick Day – Furniture

Off work today for the first time since my boob op; instead of alcohol poisoning, I think I picked up something when Girl(ing) About Town, which yesterday led me to going home early from work after throwing up a couple of times during the night and generally feeling ache-filled and pretty shit.

I felt better today, aside from a little innards weirdness, and feel a bit guilty at doing pretty much fuck all with my day, aside from doing some washing and tidying. I did, however, spend quite a bit of time putting together the bulk of my furniture order on the Ikea website, and pondering paint colours to put on the cheap(ish) pine table, chair and chests of drawers I ordered. I am now really looking forward to customising, and it turns out lots of other people are similarly inspired.

I picked a wardrobe shell, large table, chair and two chests of drawers for the grand total of £168, which is within my budget; even if I spend a bit on primer, paint, paper or fabric, I still get more bang for my buck going with plain pine, and will (hopefully) derive some pleasure from adding some colour. The last two things to get are a bed frame and mattress, which are going to add another £200 on top of that, but that’s still within my target, so I should be okay.

I’m hoping to sign the contract on the studio this weekend, and although the thought of moving all my crap and cleaning my current place fills me with dread, I am actually looking forward to the mass flat-pack construction-fest that will hopefully be shortly occurring. I think it’s the lover of Lego in me.

Yes, something to look forward to. I hope it actually happens.

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  1. S says:

    Hi M – just a quick note on a couple of things before I dash off to another course on managing. (I’m finding it hard to manage them all – nyuk.)

    Interesting personality fact – My INTP status is new. I used to be… wait for it…INFP. Sure does explain/validate all the non-mainstream thoughts randomly flowing thru my head but yes, I agree – it’s all good fun but a lot like reading the horoscopes – I could be any one of them at any given time.

    Your comment on the gun sighting cracked me up!

    Take care – hope you feel better and good luck with the flat.