DIY fail:

Lesson learned Thank you piles of unsorted books for breaking my fall off that ladder.

Losses: One destroyed (work!) ladder, one snapped drill bit.

Gains: Some spectacular cuts and bruises in the morning i’m sure, knowledge not to drill whilst stood sideways on a ladder, and a sense of amazement that I can walk and talk.

I’m pretty sore right now, as I have large slashes across the backs of my thighs that were caused by the edges of the books when I landed backwards upon them.

One leg of the ladder gave way whilst I was drilling holes to mount one of those blinds I was nervous of tackling. So now I have injuries, no ladder to reach up to where I need to install the blinds and continued daylight where i’d really like to have none.

As I type i’m monitoring the weird sensation in portions of the skin on my thighs and back; the cuts are increasingly painful but also some areas of my skin are insensitive to touch. When I breathe in I feel like i’ve crested a roller-coaster, that sort of fizzy feeling inside, and I feel cold. Going to put on my down jacket and see how things go over the next hour. If no improvement, it’ll be off to A&E with me. JOYS.

Update 21:25 – After over an hour of lying on my bed wrapped up in my coat with my feet raised above the rest of me, I still feel pretty weird, and i’m not very warm at all. Hmmm. My skin’s not cold, and I can still feel all the parts of me, so I think staying at home is the best idea. Think i’ll get some tea and toast.

4 Responses to DIY fail:

  1. s says:

    Hi M – just stopped by during a lull in studying and saw this post first. It sounds terrible – I hope you are well three days out here. Best wishes.

    • s says:

      taking a break to stop by and see you haven’t posted in a while. I hope you are well.

      • monky says:

        Hi S – Yeah, still alive, worry ye not! Alive but lazy. As is pretty usual.

        Most of my bruises have faded, though I have a marble-sized lump in the middle of my calf which is weird. I’ve had a busy few weekends recently, and my motivation is not the best at the moment, so I can’t put a date on when i’ll update. But I will, fear not!

        Hope all is well with you…