First day of a week off.

  • I made pizza from scratch for the first time (Breakfast Pizza from Joy The Baker). It was goood. And cheap, which is always appreciated.
  • Watched the live feed of The Weather Channel as Sandy makes an entrance. Jim Cantore in a wetsuit ahoy!
  • Did washing up.
  • Browsed furniture online as I considered my space and financial options if I move home. I’d like, for once, to not have to go for the cheapest option.
  • Filling out budget spreadsheets.
  • Paired socks.
  • Ate a homemade muffin with my cup of tea.
  • Listened to Jones and X.Ray ramble on about Sandy.
  • Put things on my birthday list.
  • Tried to decide when to arrange my birthday meetup.
  • Thought about massage a lot. NYT – My Multiday Massage-a-Thon
  • Am waiting for payday (Wednesday).

2 Responses to Monday:

  1. S says:

    Hi M! I am doing a weekend of military duty in Salt Lake City, Utah and took a detour from working in my hotel room to read your blog. Speaking relatively, things seem to be better, and I am happy for you in that regard. I hope they get even better for you. And I mean that sincerely. While I love the art and music posting you put up, I also read the human elements and am pulling for you to find happiness.

    On a different tack, thanks for the gonzales crowd surf clip. The man is a genius. Oddly, the timing of my viewing that clip is juxtaposed interestingly. I actually switched hotel rooms because the guest beside me was verbally abusing her children on a level that reminded me of portions of my childhood. I brought it to mgmt’s attention but was so rattled I had to move. So I set up my computer in the new room and read an article on nurturing prodigies, thinking as I read about what a difference adults make in the lives of kids and grieving for the children in that room. Then I saw the gonzales surf. And I thought “that” is the potential of a child if left to grow, and how it is more important to left them find that inspiring streak than to box them into what we think they should be/do/etc. I am guessing it it the creep of 50 years coming on, but I find that my mind turns more and more to how we shape our world through our treatment of others. Or perhaps its just disgust with the US political season and the blatant greed and competition driving our society. Or the influence of my renewed love of country music. Or perhaps all three. Or something I don’t see yet at all.

    Well, this was supposed to be a cheery Hey! How ya doin’?! email but I sense a turn to introspection – so I’ll wind up…

    Glad you are still blogging and still coming out swinging. Take care of yourself. All my best.


    • monky says:

      Yayyy! Hey S – Great to hear from you. How is Romneyville? I’m so sorry you had to listen to the abuse going on in the room next to you; in my job there have been many times I wish I could take kids home with me, so that I know they’ll be safe, but the world doesn’t work that way. The urge to intervene is always strong, but I know that it’s not always the best idea, and I usually try to be an advocate for the child, rather than telling the adult what to do, but it can be hard.

      As a parent you’re still human, and so will still make mistakes, but breaking the cycle of abuse is so important. Us teachers get a lot of blame for the ills in society, but parents can make such a difference, especially when, for whatever reason, they are found lacking. I read the same article (the one in the NYT i’m guessing) and felt so very sad for the girl who furtively looked at the cookies she obviously longed for. The balance between wanting the best for your child and making them fulfil your desires to compensate for your shortcomings can be a fine one.

      I see a lot of kids from households both rich and poor where the parenting is not what it could be; often the kids suffer from no-one giving a shit about them, with their caregivers too caught up in their own dramas to see the desperately unhappy child in front of them. Ugh, rambling rant.

      Me: I am doing better thanks, though I feel things are still lacking at times. I’m trying my best to extricate myself at work, but the same frustrations seem to bubble up; I think it’s important to look before I leap and have somewhere that’s hopefully better than where I am currently, though you never can tell until you actually work somewhere, and it’s an employers market at the moment. Sigh.

      On the personal side of things, I miss intimacy with a partner, but it’s best not to dwell on things I have no control over, as i’m doing the best I can. I can admit to being hideously tempted to say Fuck The World!!! and flee the country at Christmas for a week of debauchery with Kennebec, but this would most certainly not be the most sensible thing to do. I’m not looking forward to Christmas due to the possibility of having to spend extended time with the family and also being reminded of where I was last Christmas, i.e. with Coppell and Meathead in Pittsburgh. SIGHHH.

      Anyway, no need to apologise for your thoughts – You know how I love introspection :D

      I hope you and yours are all well.