The small, intelligence-challenged creature I love and miss

Finished glazing Meathead’s bowl today. It had been sitting forlorn and unglazed on my desk, and so I felt the need to finish what i’d started, even if that means sending it to a dog I will never see again, with no guarantee that she’ll ever use it.

It’s in the queue to be fired, so I guess it’ll be done within a week. Then it’s off to Coppell’s Mother for safe-keeping. How can I miss so a not-particularly-intelligent creature that I only spent two weeks in the company of?

Today has not been the best of days.

The weekend brings Lahndahn tahn and some ballet with my Mum, and drinks with Leia Ewok Village, who I haven’t seen in aaages. I’m looking forward to seeing my Mum, the ballet and Leia, but I am worried at the same time. I don’t feel like partying at all, and talking to my Mum over the phone about how i’m doing has been very hard, as she always gives the impression that she doesn’t understand how I feel.

I have to be “on” and don’t want to be the sad sack putting a dampener on everyone’s evening. I also don’t want to bore people. Three weeks ago I probably felt better than I do now. For fucks sake.

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