Laura of Miami

Thoroughly enjoyed this short opinion piece on the nature of Miami; the author’s style is appealing, as are the contradictions the non-native Miamian flags up. Who would have thought a piece on the Miami International Airport would be so engaging.

NYT – Terminal Miami by Choire Sicha

In the piece, Laura of Miami is praised; she’s a DJ who broadcasts from the University of Miami’s WVUM and the “disco, italo, nu disco, freestyle, boogie and 80’s rarities” she plays are pretty damn good. Just as I love the diversity of Jones and X.Ray on WFMU, i’m sure Vamos A La Playa will help me discover lots of new music. Hurrah.

What’s more awesome, you can download all of her shows (use BugMeNot), so you can spend your afternoon wandering round the shops imagining you’re weekending in Miami.

Hi Crockett. You know Gina loves you?

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