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Paul Thek

I think I will print this out LARGE and stick it up on the whiteboard in my classroom.
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Gonzales Mini-Mix

A piano mash up that includes Come As You Are blended with Tainted Love?

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My mind is blown and you’re to blame…

What’s That You’re Doing?
Paul McCartney
from Tug Of War

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Officially Rugged

One of the sixth formers mentioned today that she saw me and Coppell in town over the weekend; she said he looked “very sweet”. I laughed at this description and said that a Year 9 had described him as “ruggedly handsome”, and she immediately concurred with this. She also said that she approved. Haha.
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OBVIOUSLY all MY fault yet again…

I can’t really be bothered to go through and pick apart the reasons why teachers are not responsible for the riots of last Summer, as that would be effort expended on something really not worth my time. I could be eating peanut butter on warm toast. Mmmm.

Instead, have a read of the estimable Tom Bennett’s very good summary of why the report’s conclusions are total bollocks:
“Their school solution is true comic genius: we need to build student’s character. Now this is like shooting fish in a barrel, but here goes: what character would you like them to have? By whose standards? How would we assess such a thing? What rate of progress would you like? How would we personalise such programmes? Would they learn best in groups or independent enquiry projects? How would they be assessed? No? No idea at all? Then DO f*ck off. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Fortunately I do, and so do millions of teachers.”
“Building character is a fine aim for a school; but our primary job is to teach. Perhaps you noticed? It’s in my contract. Building character is incidental to my role; I aim for it indirectly by providing a good example of behaviour and conduct. But it cannot be taught directly. I presume you don’t like brain washing? How many more or less rioters would be produced by a few assemblies or units on ‘not rioting’?”
The Behaviour Guru: Tom Bennett’s School Report – Teachers ’caused the riots’, and failing an Ofsted is good for you- It’s Odd Box

Interesting info from London’s Poverty Profile on attainment at age eleven: “Educational attainment at age 11 is higher in London than in the rest of England, and has been improving faster.”

Hmmm… The teachers are to blame, eh?
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Nice kid banter

Whilst we were out at the weekend, a group of girls I teach saw me and Coppell having lunch by the waterside; today I had them period five, and they brought up their sighting- they’re always excited to see me outside of school (it’s as if they’re amazed to see that I do indeed occasionally have a life outside of the classroom):
Girl One “Miiiiiiss, how was your date at the weekend?”
Me “Oh, I wasn’t on a date. I was out with my significant other.”
Girl Two “Is he fit Miss?”
Me “Not in an Abercrombie “fit” sort of way that *you* might think of as “fit”, but I don’t like those sort of men.”
Girl Three “Are you going to get married and have babies, Miss?!”
Me “Er, no… not right just this minute…”
Girl Two “Hmmm… Is he more of a TopShop man?”
Me “Oh nooo… they are faaar too wimpy for my tastes.”
Girl One “More ruggedly handsome, eh Miss?”
So there you have it: 14-year-olds think Coppell is “ruggedly handsome”. Win :)
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Monday evening and i’m feeling tired and washed out. The weekend was a full one :)

Picked Coppell up from the airport on Saturday morning dressed in shirt, tie and chauffeur’s hat; I had to work hard to convince the *actual* chauffeur that was waiting for him to go home (I showed him Coppell’s entry on Facebook). Alas, I forgot to bring the sign I had made with his name spelled out as wrongly as I could manage, but after shouting at him as he came back into the world at arrivals, he noticed me soon enough.

It was gooooood to see him…!

Managed to leave the hat and my cup of hot chocolate on the roof of the car as I made my way out of the multi-story car park; the beeping from other cars alerted me to my error and wonder of wonders, both items were still on the top when I jumped out to look. I was a bit distracted I guess…! I was pretty impressed that the curling exit ramp had not thrown them off into the path of descending cars.

His palatial flat is ten minutes round the corner from mine and is the sort of place I could only dream of living in; it’s split-level, and the bedroom is in the basement, which is something i’ve always thought would be a good thing for tranquil, dark sleeping conditions and security. The flat has those “soft-close” drawers, which I enjoyed opening and closing a fair few times (easily amused, me); even the toilet lid slooowwwly shuts when you close it. This new-fangled technology, eh? :)

Alas, Coppell is now away for two weeks learning how to rape and pillage the Earth extra good, so it’s back to my usual solo living in a tiny space. Booooo. I’m feeling a bit glum this evening, I think due to the “love me and leave me” nature of the weekend, but mainly because I’m really gosh-darned tired. Work is very busy at the moment, and what with Coppell not actually being here, it’s a bit of a “post-firework kaboom!” thing. I can’t wait for Friday and sleeeep… and time spent child-free at poolside doing fuck all. Hurrah.

I’m considering what is my “normal” or happy medium when it comes to interaction, sex and intimacy, both in form and frequency. What makes me feel happy and secure? When every relationship prior has been how not to do things, it’s going to take some time to figure out my comfort zone. I’m still working towards being comfortable initiating physical contact, but this I am sure will sort itself out with time. We’re only on day twenty by my (poor) calculations…

It is weird to think that Coppell is now over here. Very weird.
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Blowing my mind: In a couple of hours, Coppell is going to get onto a plane that will bring him across the Atlantic to where we will share the same landmass for six entire months.

I am nervous about picking him up tomorrow. I am !excited! to see him, however, now we’ll have the opportunity to spend lots of time together; I hope that we continue to get on as well as we did during my short visits. When we’ve actually been breathing the same air.

Meathead has been handed off to Coppell’s Ex, which is terribly sad, but fingers crossed I will get to see the lil’ munchkin at some point soon; I miss her particular brand of “special”.

So, “Eeeeeeeeeee…!” and “Aaaaargh…”
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Misfit (St. Bernhard)
Thomas Grünfeld

Today in my GCSE class I was praising the small clay sculpture one of the girls had made that was based on the works of Thomas Grünfeld; in it she had combined a duck and a fox. After a bit of tweaking to fix the wonky beak, I told her:
“Oooh, you’ve done a really good job on that. What an excellent fox and duck blend you’ve made… A Dox, or perhaps a… er…”
Hilarity all round.
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from De L’Amour (On Love) by Stendhal (1822) [via]

I think I understand this now, where before I did not.
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Work Work

Have bought myself a new domain that uses the name that was written on my birth certificate (hint: not monky); I intend to use it for anything creative I do, whether that be doodles or finished work. A bit of space to think about things that is separate from nopoke will be good for me, even if I do fuck all on there.

Over the weekend I discussed with my Mum the pros and cons of doing the pre-MA Artist Teacher Scheme; still not feeling it as I think doing it locally would make more sense (it’s an hour’s train/bus ride away). Anyways, i’ve still time to consider and whatever I decide, doing a bit of my own experimental stuff is bringing me a little ray of satisfaction to my days. Hooray.
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Le Smoking

Le Smoking Helmut Newton
Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking

Click to enlarge

Another photo that’s been on my desktop for aages; this powerful photograph is a favourite of mine.

The version with the accessorised nude is pretty great too, however I prefer the solitary nature of this image.

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Frogman escapades...

Click to enlarge

I’ve had this image sitting on my desktop for over two years; I really liked it but after saving it, never knew what to do with it. Well, here you go.
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Good lord I am tired. ICT training tomorrow so a day with less interaction with the kids than usual; it will be nice to get a bit of variety (and some peace and quiet). The weekend brings Lanhdahn tahn for lunch with my Mum and sleeeeeep.

I was supposed to go swimming this afternoon but was physically if not intellectually lazy in that I bunked off in favour of two hours working in the darkroom at school. It was lovely to spend time experimenting, not caring if stuff came out wrong, just doing stuff for myself and not for any particular purpose. More please.
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Welcome, Stranger

Deciding whether or not to dress up in costume to meet Coppell at the airport (in just over a week’s time); think i’ve decided what if anything i’d wear.

No, I *am* going to be wearing clothing; what style is the issue.

(scurries across eBay)

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Oh Good God. For some reason I am re-reading my copy of the OKCupid messages me and Coppell sent back-and-forth to each other when we first met; they are pretty hilarious even now – humour and explicit filth wrapped up with vulnerability and proper grammar. They still bring an enormous smile to my face. I am such a dork.
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Fight The Powers

An Organiser from my union came in to work today to talk to us ATL members about how things were going; we don’t have a representative within school and so rely on the national office to give us help. During the discussions I might have expressed an enthusiasm to put myself forwards as the school ATL rep. Oh dear.

I feel strongly that collective bargaining is a GOOD thing, and think we really need representation at a school level, especially as my school is an academy, and the potential for problems is all the greater. However, being a rep means meeting with management, and this is scary. Thing is, as the Organiser explained, being a rep means that things are depersonalised, as you can ask members their opinion and then present it to The Powers That Be as a group opinion rather than having to stand up during a whole school meeting, which can be fucking terrifying.

So, I would have to be given the go ahead from the other members of the union – i’d get elected AKA “Oh gooood… Someone else has volunteered!” – but it could be pretty interesting so see the other side of things and formalise my emails to sympathetic colleagues. Would get training and support from the union and be a point of first contact for staff with issues, referring them on if I feel I am not able to help. I’m a bit apprehensive, but the opportunity to give it a shot would be a good one.
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Meet Coppell:

NeighThis could be said to be a “typical” look of his.

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Post-Lunch, Pre-Dinner:

The chicken is DELICIOUS. Perfectly cooked, not dry, flavoursome and well rounded out by the mash and garlic greens. Yummy. I am going to be well-fortified this afternoon when tomb raiding :)
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Spring sunshine outside and roast chicken inside; my chicken stuffed with a lemon and liberally smeared with thyme and parsley butter in between the skin and breast is in the final stages of cooking. Plan to have it with lazy mash (i.e. bought – yes, I am ashamed) and watercress, spinach and rocket salad wilted with garlic. A spot of wholegrain mustard and some gravy and voilà , Sunday lunch. Or should I say post-lunch, pre-dinner. I am lazy.

I am greatly looking forward to a roast that will be allll miiine bwhah bwhah bwhah :D
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Le Weekend

GOD-like Not much going on this weekend, and I am rather happy this is the case. Sleeeep.

I’ve dug out my PS1 and am merrily making my way through Tomb Raider II; bit of a learning curve, but max ammo and medipacks go a long way. IDFA and all that. It’s been interesting looking for info/cheats for Tomb Raider; given that the series started in 1996 a lot of the stuff i’ve been browsing is the internet circa fifteen years ago. Frames a-go-go :)

Other than a wander into town to pick up some food it’s been good to do not very much and just be quiet; although I am often rather loud, periods of peace and quiet are very important to me. So, raiding tombs, reading, nail painting, pondering the artwork I made at school on Friday and pottering about is great. Hurrah.

Me and Coppell have spoken quite frequently over the last week which has been really lovely; I don’t need validation every day, but as we get on well it’s nice to be able to chat with him about what’s going on in each other’s lives, or talk about complete shynola. The usual.

I keep looking at pictures of Boston Terrier puppies that are for sale and comparing them to Meathead – most are not as cute! – even though I live in one tiny room and can barely get myself out the door in the morning let alone look after another living creature (I miss Meathead).

My mind is boggled that in a couple of weeks, if I want to talk about what my favourite moons are, I can actually see Coppell and will be able to breathe the same air as him as I get excitable over Iapetus (more on that topic later).

Although I am very !!excited!! about his move to my town, and I want to share seemingly bajillions of experiences with him, I don’t want him to feel crowded or put-upon. I want to go places, do things together, but at the same time want us to have time for ourselves. I’ve never been in a functioning relationship before, so everything is a bit unfamiliar and worrying at times. Excited!! Anyways…

Back to Lara…
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Holy Smokes

Coppell is going to be in the country in just under two and a half weeks.


Font: Bebas Neue
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Innards Ache

Horribly tired. I need to put my now dry laundry away and do the washing up, but my innards and my lower back are sore and the drugs don’t work as they say.

I need a long hot soak in that deep bath I don’t have and a caring massage from that massage therapist I don’t employ. I could then fall asleep thanks to the peace and tranquillity of the building I don’t live in.

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Not The Neptune(s)

Neptune, The Mystic
from The Planets
Gustav Holst

The sound of Neptune as recorded by Voyager II; the spacecraft was listening to the electromagnetic waves around the planets.

The waves are produced by space phenomena, for example Neptune’s magnetosphere interacting with radiation from the Sun.

I think it sounds cold.


Creep-tastic sounnds of Mercury. AKKKK!

Nasa – Spooky Space Sounds
Nasa – Sounds of Jupiter
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Sunday Soundtrack

Abracadabra (1982)
Steve Miller Band

Maneater (1982)
Hall and Oates

Sweet Freedom (1986)
Michael McDonald

Easy Lover (1984)
Phil Collins

Lessons In Love (1986)
Level 42

We Close Our Eyes (1984)
Go West

I Feel Love (1977)
Donna Summer

Tony’s Theme (1986)
Giorgio Moroder

Don’t You Know (1977)
Jan Hammer

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Booze and Grease

Lovely evening out with McCy and co. to mark her passing of another year on the planet. Good food, booze and Northern Soul were in abundance, and I think a good time was had by all.

Due to the alcohol in my system I was wondering why when boozed-up, savoury and/or greasy food is the first thing that comes to mind for the “home and peckish” situation? Is it something learned or instinctive?

I ponder this as I sit eating the fried egg and cheese bagel I didn’t need to make.

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Laura of Miami

Thoroughly enjoyed this short opinion piece on the nature of Miami; the author’s style is appealing, as are the contradictions the non-native Miamian flags up. Who would have thought a piece on the Miami International Airport would be so engaging.

NYT – Terminal Miami by Choire Sicha

In the piece, Laura of Miami is praised; she’s a DJ who broadcasts from the University of Miami’s WVUM and the “disco, italo, nu disco, freestyle, boogie and 80’s rarities” she plays are pretty damn good. Just as I love the diversity of Jones and X.Ray on WFMU, i’m sure Vamos A La Playa will help me discover lots of new music. Hurrah.

What’s more awesome, you can download all of her shows (use BugMeNot), so you can spend your afternoon wandering round the shops imagining you’re weekending in Miami.

Hi Crockett. You know Gina loves you?

Next Week’s Nails

Woo!Essie Lux Effects Shine Of The Times over China Glaze Frostbite

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This Week’s Nails

ZebraEssie Miami Nice with
OPI Swimsuit… Nailed It!
Konaded (m57) over the top.

Was pretty fucking pleased with these babies let me tell you… :)

Now i’m thinking of trying out China Glaze Frostbite with Essie’s Shine Of The Times.

The sweet, sweet joys of having no demands upon you :)
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