There’s No Place Like Home

Post-Gonzales (more on him later), today i’m finding myself feeling a bit on the anxious side with regards HeadFrack.

I guess i’m worrying whether the last week was spent in some Oz-style alternate universe (think “We’re not in Kansas any more” rather than the Aryans vs. the Muslim Brotherhood), and now that he’s States-side HeadFrack will come to his senses and decide that he’d rather not move things forward with me.

Having been let down so frequently in the past (to the point where I found it was best not to hope for nice things) I carry with me apprehensions as to whether there’ll be any follow through on anything that was discussed and agreed upon. I’m worrying whether everything’s going to be snatched away, just as it appears so very tantalising. I don’t want to push or appear needy; I think once i’ve gotten through my first week things should settle down.


Lunch with Flambé and then nail varnish. Hurrah.

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