Chilly! Chilly G standing on – and playing with his slippered feet – the grand piano Downstairs at the Soho Theatre. Photo by me :)

Chilly Gonzales at the Soho Theatre was one of THE best gigs I have ever attended.

I was sat three metres away from the musical genius who was dressed in slippers, pyjamas and a monogrammed silken dressing gown (see the photo to the left). A grand piano, a drum kit and rich red curtains set the scene for an evening of AWESOME.

I got a “Good Girl!” from the people at the table I was sat at (“Welcome to my party of one!”) when I explained that try as I might I could never convince any of my friends that Gonzales is indeed a musical genius and so was there solo.

He performed a mixture of piano pieces, rap and banter, compelling various audience members up onto the stage to act as backing musicians. I was so! fucking!! excited!!! to see him, especially at such close quarters. He got amusingly sweaty as the evening progressed, his lanky hair whipping about as he head-banged in time to the beat in his head.

It was more lounge act or cabaret than I expected, much more intimate. He threatened one woman who wouldn’t join him on stage by telling her he was going to masturbate to her image if she didn’t do so; she didn’t budge and Chilly waded through the audience to sit next to her and try to talk her round (it didn’t work).

I know he likes to use the “musical genius” tag for effect, but really, he was very fucking good indeed- fabulous piano skills and a brilliantly funny entertainer too. He is apparently coming back to Lahndahn tahn in January, and I will most definitely go to see him again. AWESOMENESS.

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