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Whilst nearing the end of the nine-hundred and sixty pages of Larry McMurtry’s engrossing and hugely enjoyable Lonesome Dove, I wondered how on earth one goes about writing just that many pages and words. I have no clue how anyone makes it that far writing fiction- When I would get the chance to write creatively at school I never made it past about six pages.

How many words have I written in the eight years of writing here?

Hello excellent WordPress plugin WP Word CountEt voila:


This boggles my mind.

That works out to an average of 208 words per post and just over 40,000 words a year. This boggles my mind even more. What the fuck do I write about for over 40K words a year? Granted, some of that number includes quotations from other sources, but that still seems like a hell of a lot to me.

Standard Paperback format:

100 pages – 25,000 words
200 pages – 50,000 words
300 pages – 75,000 words
400 pages – 100,000 words
500 pages – 125,000 words

Apparently 250 manuscript pages for a paperback is what is most frequently seen (250 words/page), so I publish just under the equivalent of a paperback a year.

That ain’t bad, even if I have little desire to re-read what i’ve written and have no guarantee that anyone will read what I write… :)

One Response to Wordy

  1. S says:

    Well, I can tell you they have been 335,743 of the most engaging internet musing I have ever read – thank you for being so prolific.