Living Half A Life Ago

Continuing along the recently travelled lines of getting a pair of Doc Martens boots and getting well into nail varnish I am considering getting an ear piercing. Just the one mind, and not to put something girly through it (pretty!).

Last time I had a piercing was wayyy back in 2002 and my eyebrow and the little titanium bar through it never got on particularly well. Worth another try I guess; best to consider it further when I get back from Paris, as suffering through two flights and seven nights in a foreign bed is not the most sensible.

What is it with me that I never did these things when I was fifteen but feel drawn towards them now when many people have shrugged them off?



One Response to Living Half A Life Ago

  1. S says:

    Take heart. Some people wait until they are 45 :) (I think it was that desire overcame concern over the reaction of others).