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Truth. For reals.

The very definition of being a responsible adult:
Whilst inebriated, filling a hot water bottle with just boiled water without spilling anything.
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Lingerie Clearinghouse

Bras I Have Known and Loved

I was all set to go for drinks with a self-described slut (yes, really) when he up and cancelled on me. Grrr. This was disappointing, but it got me to thinking about how all my nice underwear is the wrong size and the stuff I wear day-to-day is uninspired and unsatisfying.

I haven’t thought about presenting my intimate self in an appealing way for a long time – years and years – and so i’ve started to go through all my old, lovely stuff and sort it out to give away to friends. Some of it is very, very pretty and I remember the fun I had wearing it, so it’s a bit sad to get rid of it.

However, I also remember the number of pieces that I bought with the expectation that someone (i.e. MW#1) would appreciate me in them, only for them to remain unused in the box of fancy underwear I keep in my wardrobe. So, it’s good to think that *someone* might get some actual appreciation whilst wearing them, even if it isn’t me.

Am now getting on with lots of hand washing…
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Weather Channel

Cantore AheadEnjoying the End-Of-The-World-Is-Nigh bombastic reportage about Hurricane Irene on The Weather Channel; I have been particularly taken with the ridiculousness of the presenters standing near raging seas in unpredictable winds.

Jim Cantore seems to be a bit of a legend for this. There are numerous examples on YouTube of what I would describe as foolhardy behaviour in the face of extreme weather.

It seems like if you see Cantore coming, you should get the fuck out of Dodge as they say.

I think my favourite clip is of Cantore getting all weather geek excited at the appearance of Thunder Snow. Bless.

Then there’s Mike Bettes falling over in the face of Hurricane Ike

Not Cantore but amusing nonetheless…

BoingBoing – Hurricane Irene: Dude streaks through Weather Channel live shot (video, pic, NSFW)


ByePossibly thousands of people are dead or dying in Libya and this is what the front page of the NYT runs with???

Well, I suppose Apple does have more cash than many countries…

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J Dilla – Workinonit

Video by Cassette King
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Seeing The Unspeakable


Yay! I am going to see Mr. Chilly Gonzales himself in October. I am slightly apprehensive (just in case he busts out the greasy, chest-rug wearing lounge singer) but excited. Mainly excited.
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Paris Summary


More gawp

Kids open-mouthed at the Baroque madness on display in the Salle du Sacre in Versailles. Photo by me.

– Museums, galleries and landmarks visited: Nine
    – Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation
    – Les Arts Decoratifs
    – Palace of Versailles
    – Louvre
    – Tuileries Gardens
    – Luxembourg Gardens
    – Musée Jacquemart-André
    – Maison Européenne de la Photographie
    – Musée D’Orsay
– Vintage Ferarris seen: Five
– Cost of two drinks and two desserts at the Louvre: THIRTY motherfucking Euros
– Money spent in Sephora: €60
– Nail varnish bottles added to my “collection”: Three
– Bottles of perfume bought: One (Hermés Kelly Caleche hurrah!)
– Places we turned up to eat at only to find they were closed for the Summer: Four
– Favourite place to eat: La Cantine du Troquet
– Wine drunk: Five nights out of seven

I am exhausted. More photos and info when I have had a holiday to recover from my holiday.

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Hello… Au Revoir…

Survived a week en famille, now off to Paris for a few days. Hotel i’m at has wi-fi, so if my phone actually manages it I might be able to post entries of exasperation over my Mum’s snoring (i’m bringing ear plugs).

Living Half A Life Ago

Continuing along the recently travelled lines of getting a pair of Doc Martens boots and getting well into nail varnish I am considering getting an ear piercing. Just the one mind, and not to put something girly through it (pretty!).

Last time I had a piercing was wayyy back in 2002 and my eyebrow and the little titanium bar through it never got on particularly well. Worth another try I guess; best to consider it further when I get back from Paris, as suffering through two flights and seven nights in a foreign bed is not the most sensible.

What is it with me that I never did these things when I was fifteen but feel drawn towards them now when many people have shrugged them off?


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Gonzales Live

Hmmmmmm… Chilly Gonzales live in Lahndahn tahn in October. I am tempted…
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Clara & Gus

Whilst nearing the end of the nine-hundred and sixty pages of Larry McMurtry’s engrossing and hugely enjoyable Lonesome Dove, I wondered how on earth one goes about writing just that many pages and words. I have no clue how anyone makes it that far writing fiction- When I would get the chance to write creatively at school I never made it past about six pages.

How many words have I written in the eight years of writing here?

Hello excellent WordPress plugin WP Word CountEt voila:


This boggles my mind.

That works out to an average of 208 words per post and just over 40,000 words a year. This boggles my mind even more. What the fuck do I write about for over 40K words a year? Granted, some of that number includes quotations from other sources, but that still seems like a hell of a lot to me.

Standard Paperback format:

100 pages – 25,000 words
200 pages – 50,000 words
300 pages – 75,000 words
400 pages – 100,000 words
500 pages – 125,000 words

Apparently 250 manuscript pages for a paperback is what is most frequently seen (250 words/page), so I publish just under the equivalent of a paperback a year.

That ain’t bad, even if I have little desire to re-read what i’ve written and have no guarantee that anyone will read what I write… :)
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Would You Hold It Against Me…?

HMLA-169 & HMM-266 Marines do Britney.

I so shouldn’t love this but I really rather do…

Moving along from soldier fun…

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Touch Me

On the subject of soldiers having fun…

I immediately remembered this scene from the must-see Restrepo.

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War Is Bad… Internet Dating is a FAIL…

Arrrrrrfghanistan…but pictures of soldiers in uniform having fun are GOLDEN


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Vegetable Fail

My eyes were bigger than my stomach is all I can say. So much for vegetable measuring…
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Excellent day today: Pilates at lunchtime followed by several hours by and in the pool. Remembered the sunscreen this time…

Must try to take a covert photo of the scene by the pool. It is rather pretty when the sun’s out.


Week Two of Summer freedom. I’ve settled in to the familiar “grind” of having time off with not much to do: Rising late, siesta after lunch even though i’ve only been awake for a couple of hours, late night film watching and even later bed. The siesta-ing makes me cross actually as I know i’m then only going to stay up later; it’s just very hard for me to avoid doing so. Must try harder.

I’ve been getting out and about a bit, last week meeting Leia Ewok Village in Lahndhan Tahn for lunch and bitching, coffee (and more bitching) with my old teaching mentor in town and Pilates and pool lounging over odd afternoons. I even managed to “achieve” some sunburn. Go me. Planning for my week in Paris is taking place and I am still rather excited at getting to go back there. Good food and culture I hope awaits; I just need to remember to bring ear plugs as my Mum snores.

To pass the time cheaply i’m watching the latest (and last ever) season of The Closer – how I *love* that program! – and The Killing, which is proving to be a nice, gloomy watch as I sit inside out of the sun’s heat. For someone who enjoys crime fiction it’s rather stupid that I haven’t watched the original, much-praised Danish version; I guess i’m feeling lazy?

On the subject of laziness, another toy has gone to the Great Sex Toy Graveyard in the sky; this has at least given me an excuse to spend hours perusing and comparing strengths, girths and colourways in search of what I hope will be a good combination of form and function. I slapped down over £60 in the process of doing so and I really hope this will be money well spent. I had to get my tape measure out and everything.

Anyway, Pilates and pool tomorrow. Some actual exercise, at least for an hour…
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