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Carlin on Pro-Life, Abortion & The Sanctity of Life



Kate Bush
from Lionheart (1978)

Ms. Bush here provides excellent instruction with regard future possibilities when gesturing and SingStar-ing.

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Breakfasts of the World

This project is one of the most interesting things i’ve happened upon in a l-o-n-g time:
Rubarb Fool: Breakfasts of the World
It’s exactly what you’d think it would be: One family decide to try a different breakfast from a different country using their son’s Flags of the World poster as a guide. They don’t do it each and every day but semi-regularly (life gets in the way after all); the Mum puts a bit of historical info alongside the breakfast and describes the trials and tribulations in the creation of the morning meal.

A simple concept but super interesting and very well done.
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Gaye Paree

GOOD NEWS. My Mum’s boob is fiiinally settling down with the risk of the implant rejecting much reduced. Hurrah.

So, this means we can go to Paris for a week. I am EXCITED. In a multiple uses of exclamation marks sort-of-way.

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Lee Pace in “The Fall”

The Fall is an indulgent, reasonably incoherent, beautiful mess of a film that is well worth seeing if only for the weirdness and the eyecandy in the form of the stunning scenery and the wonderful costumes. Oh, and the character played by Lee Pace… The Black Bandit. The relationship between Pace’s character and the child at the centre of the story is beautifully handled. A kid in a film actually acts like a kid for once.

Screencaps giving you a flavour of the gorgeousness that awaits at:

Costume Captures: The Fall

I’ve seen pictures of Mr Pace outside of this film and I don’t find him anything like as attractive. I clearly long to get up close and intimate with a man sporting eyeliner, shaved sides and a long top and wide, pantaloon-style trousers.

Oh, and *those arms*

Bandit 6

Bandit 5

Bandit 4

Bandit 1

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A mere
days to go
The End
come sooner.

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Post-Fawkes I experienced some deep worry over what had transpired; did he feel like i’d used him, was the whole thing best swept under the carpet? Turns out that as is usual i’ve over thought things. Just for a change.

Caversham Princess used her network of spies to find out that Fawkes is perfectly at ease with everything – He thought I was hot, I thought he was hot, alcohol etcetera etcetera no harm done. I am relieved. I guess I must stop thinking and feeling in such a feminine way.

Although there was some awkwardness on my part the morning after I find that I miss male skin just that little bit more since the events of Saturday night/Sunday morning. I miss affection. Boo.
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He was an Indie kid, with Coverses, bracelets and longish brown hair swept back behind his ears. He was a bit taller than me and a year younger with slim hips, feline features and a wiry build that was all muscle on a slender frame, with good forearms and an easy way about him. He impressed me with his Sing Star efforts – his falsetto was muy excellentay – and we bonded over tattoos, the majesty of Prince and alcohol…

Erotic memories? I gots me some new ones :D

Boundaries were respected and he said he was a giver rather than a receiver, which I could find no reason to object to…! It was lovely to be next to another body again, feel the power and the warmth under my fingers as muscle fibres twitched and slid under skin. He was not the type i’d usually go for (thanks booze!) but it was a great experience to be with a different physique. New territories so to speak.

Again the apparent qualities of my skin were brought up, which I thought was interesting as MW#1 used to delight in exactly the same thing. I apparently have an “awesomely sexy body” and “awesome skin” that is such because i’m “so smooth and flawless”. Cuuute!

I’ll probably never see him again and that suits me fine; the experience was of main importance to me after nearly two years without any sort of intimacy. Gives me something new to smirk about anyway.
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Gonzo Manifesto – Pianist Envy

“Rap that was openly political was the right tone for the times. Every era gets the rap it deserves. Rap is now in its adolescence, and the pre-occupations of the teenager are the focus now: status, fashion sense, sex, elusive “swag”, seeming like a badass…”

Pianist Envy mixtape (rap, hip-hop and pop reworked by Gonzales on piano)

1. Tipsy by J-Kwon
2. Many Men by 50 Cent
3. Dangerous by Busta Rhymes
4. Vocal Chords by Claude VonStroke
5. A Milli by Lil’ Wayne
6. Grindin’ by Clipse
7. Rollin’ & Scratchin’ by Daft Punk
8. Single Ladies by Beyonce
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The Unspeakable

(Chilly) Gonzales has a new album out. Eeeeeeeee! :D “Chamber rap” apparently. Catchy says I.



Actual eyecandy ahoy in my body balance class this evening- Toned, long-limbed brunette in a nice tight-fitting rash vest-type-of-thing. I kept smirking at inopportune moments throughout the sixty minutes. Must have looked both mental and pervy. Excellent.
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Cain and Abel…


(McCartney as) Ron Mael is in the video for Coming Up

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Coming Up

(better quality here)

Paul McCartney
Coming Up
from McCartney II 1980

Been listening to this on loop this evening- It is joyful stuff. Must have a dance to it tomorrow at work :)

Interesting stripped-out mix: Coming Up – Stripped Mix – Paul McCartney

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Varnish – Spa – Gym – Nuru – Men – Marshal Givens – Prince

Scribble-y Rain So what have I been up to of late? Some actual new stuff.


Well, my new heightened interest in nail varnish has continued unabated: I now have twenty-four different shades of varnish. TWENTY-FOUR. I’ve stopped biting my nails due to my nail maintenance and am so less embarrassed as I was previously by my über-short mangled nails. Progress.

In truly momentous news, over the last week or so i’ve managed to exercise four days out of seven. Woo. I have joined a spa/gym near work and so instead of spending hours glued in front of the internet I spend my post-work time lounging about poolside, taking classes in the gym or sitting in steam rooms.

Am actually enjoying the experience of exercising as it gets me out more where there are at least other human beings in the vicinity, even if I don’t talk much when i’m there. Am hoping to discreetly ogle some eyecandy but I haven’t seen any of particular quality yet; I still feel odd as I flip-flop around the site – as a tattooed, unnaturally flame-haired woman with legs of freakish length I don’t exactly fit in with the middle-aged women in robes sitting around having afternoon tea. My confidence is increasing but the biggest challenge yet awaits – Gym induction. Ugh.

I have fiiinally found a pool where the fast lane is actually fast, indeed too fast at times for me. It’s full of men of course being big swinging dicks but I can get my kicks feeling superior in the knowledge that my style is much slicker than theirs and I am more efficient in dragging myself through the water, even if i’m not always faster. Win.

As a treat I bought and consumed a coffee and a slice of cake whilst lounging about by the pool; this turned out to be a somewhat unfortunate decision as I started to feel like I wanted to puke during a set of crunch/twists. Lesson learned.

I’ve been trying to eat less pasta and more vegetable matter and actual workout wear has been purchased. Who knew a mixture of Tai Chi, yoga and aerobics could make you so hot?

Have discovered a new flavour of porn this weekend that makes me a bit on the wistful side as I enjoy it and miss having someone around to practice with as they say: *Obviously* NSFW Nuru massage. Basically it’s body-to-body massage, with the whole shebang lubricated with hilarious amounts of seaweed slime. Sounds well gross I know but I find it pretty awesome stuff to watch. I’m a very tactile individual so the sight of two people sliding about in the nude is quite the turn on.

It’s nearly two years now since i’ve had myself some sex and intimacy; I find I don’t miss it on a daily basis but there are definitely times when i’d really like to have someone sharing my bed. Yeah, i’d like some cock now and then, but I don’t see that happening any time in the future.

This is totally fine the majority of the time, just as I like not having to bend myself to the desires and demands of someone else. I am *SO* much happier being out of the relationships of the past; at the same time, i’d really like to gain some new memories when it comes to intimate experiences. Not all of the past is bad, far from it (I have some very fond erotic memories), it’s just that I could do with something new to get excitable over.

I’m not even sure about the relationship side of things as I find myself pondering the physicality of men and missing that more than the other “stuff”. The smell some men have, the manfur, size difference between myself and them, the power and sweetness… Oooh. Timothy Olyphant in Justified has a lot to answer for.

Still listening to a lot of Prince.
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His Majesty

A selection of the awesome from the Purple One…

The Beautiful Ones

from Purple Rain 1984

Heard it on Jones & X.Ray and was wowed. This started off my recent explorations into Prince’s catalogue.

Sexy MF

from Love Symbol 1992

Outrageous video that showcases Prince’s epic grinding abilities. Hilarious but at the same time erotic, and so very wrong!

I especially like the co-ordinated dancing.

Sexy MF at 33rpm



from Batman 1989

As good as an MGM musical, and seriously bizarre. Lengthy, but well worth it.


from Diamonds and Pearls 1991

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I’m Gonna Need You to Fight Me On This: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD

Insightful and all kinds of fucked up at the same time. Very interesting read.
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Sexy MF

Prince This evening i’m having a Prince mini-phase; multiple videos are being taken in and albums downloaded.

How is it that a tiny (5ft2), thin, falsetto-voiced fifty-three year old can still be so very, very awesome…?

Looking at his evolving style over the last thirty years, I have no idea how he’s gotten away with being such a sex symbol when he’s so highly theatrical and feminine. Almost camp, especially when you look at his videos.

Kind of a dick on the ridiculous statements front but what a very beautiful man.

Video cull when I get my act together…
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