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BBC – Today – Serwotka and Maude clash over strikes

Francis Maude bullshitting on the facts and refusing to answer the question. UGH.
“PCS leader says unions will keep up protests until reform plans are dropped as doctors back ballot on industrial action”
Comment from: Guardian – Pensions strike a ‘wake-up call’ for ministers
“‘It is simply wrong for their leader to be pushing for walkouts when serious talks, set up at the request of the TUC itself, are still ongoing.’

The arrogant pomposity of Maude knows no bounds. His definition of talking and Cameron’s of listening is a million miles away from discussion, negotiation and agreement. Collectively (along with Mr invisible Clegg… where is he?), their attempt to unilaterally re-cast their edicts (sorry, proposals) as fair and progressive is sickening.

Let us see them condemn those militant doctors , eh?”
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My First Protest

strike one It felt good… :D

Me and Flambé attended a rally and then joined hundreds of other members of a variety of unions and campaign groups on a march through the town centre.

Didn’t encounter any abuse from the non-striking public but I did see lots of kids I teach; was rather amusing when I ran up to them and gave them a leaflet that explained why we’re on strike.

strike two

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So today i’m on strike. I’m a member of the ATL and “we” voted to strike, as did I. Am slightly afeared on marching later on today- I fear abuse from a public very easily divided and ruled by the ConDems. Me and Flambé are going to don yellow t-shirts and go be revolting.

Got ambushed by a journalist last night at a meeting about the future of Arts education – or should I say, the lack of a future – and she was *very* interested in the strike. There are subtleties at play that the government are very keen to stamp out and it is hard to get the issues across when someone is nodding and “mmmm”ing whilst taking shorthand. Thought kudos to her on keeping that art alive.

Excellent interview from Today on whether or not public sector pensions are affordable: Score one for Evan Davis :D
BBC Radio Four – Today – Are public sector pensions affordable?
Sound summary of why the people are revolting:
MULE – Bust the myths: six reasons to support the pensions strike
My boss was pissed off at how quickly she jumped from cuts affecting the Arts to the strike, so she contacted her to ask if our names could be disassociated from the article. Will keep an eye out to see if my name and reputation is dragged throught he muck :D

Fun and games, fun and games…

Reading, writing, correcting ad infinitum

Been a while.

I’ve been spending my weekends alternating doing fuck all with hours of report writing – it is nice, after all to have at least one day over the weekend I don’t have to do anything school-related. I’m currently proof-reading my forms’ reports, marking corrections needed and then writing my report on their overall performance and setting a target. It takes a looong time, though thankfully things tend to speed up as I go. Thank you Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Once the next weekend is through then hopefully i’ll have time to write some more. I’ve a lot queued up on the old WordPress dashboard.

I have been getting MEGA annoyed with the increasingly strident rhetoric Messrs. Gove et al are spouting with regards the upcoming strike. They are so completely out of touch. The latest suggestion is that parents break the strike and go in an help out in schools to ensure they stay open. Given that parents may well be members of a union themselves and that all adults working with children and vulnerable people need to be CRB checked as well as be supervised by a qualified teacher, how the fuck is that going to happen?

Independent: Exclusive: Gove urges parents into classrooms to break strike
“The public have a very low tolerance for anything that disrupts their hard-working lifestyles.”
Vis-a-vis, teachers aren’t the public, nor are they hard-working.
“If schools aren’t open on Thursday there will be massive inconvenience for working parents, in particular single parents, who will have to rearrange childcare at very short notice. I think it is wrong for people who are working hard to have their lives disrupted in this way. So I think it is right that schools to stay open. Maybe they won’t be offering the traditional menu but I think they should be open so the children are doing something purposeful and people aren’t inconvenienced.”
Arrange childcare at short notice? This has been on the cards for over a month now. Purposeful? You mean baby-sitting kids crammed into the hall watching the TV ‘cos there isn’t anything better for them to do. Inconvenienced? Well, I have sympathy towards this, but I can also say that some parents treat school as free childcare and nothing more. Work needs to change, not school, so that parents get to spend more quality time with their children, rather than having to work all the hours under the sun to make ends meet. Whilst the boss earns many times their wages.


Comment from: Guardian – Michael Gove’s call for parents to break strike provokes union fury
“I do believe teachers, nurses, doctors etc etc are taxpayers. There’s also the small fact that the teacher’s pension scheme was audited last year and found to be entirely affordable. Especially as the scheme was recently revised so teachers already pay higher contributions than before.

Rather than whining that the private sector have lost theirs, so the public sector should too, why not try standing shoulder to shoulder with your private sector colleagues and fighting for a better deal on pensions and retirement? Tell you what, if you do, I’ll bet the public sector would support you in solidarity.

The strike is not an extended summer holiday, a somewhat fatuous suggestion as there’s another four weeks before the preparation for next year begins. It will also make the summer holidays much harder as the loss of pay will come in the summer holiday pay packet.”
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National Lust Object

‘It was only a matter of time before Jason Isaacs won his promotion to officially approved national lust object, up from that odd limbo of “necessary equivocation”. That limbo wherein, when a husband/boyfriend asks, half-grudgingly, from a half-cuddle on the sofa: “D’you think that guy’s good-looking, then?”, his wife/girlfriend would by law have to shrug: “That one there? S’pose so, hadn’t really noticed…” while quietly trying to flense her own thumbs with the cheese knife, force herself to wonder about the best next chairman of the IMF… anything to avoid shuggling forward on hands and knees to actually lick the TV screen with lust.’
Guardian – Jason Isaacs: ‘I like being anonymous’
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Oh No Brodie

Oh No Jackson Brodie!

To pass the time over lunch I thought it’s Sunday, let’s check out Jackson Brodie on the iPlayer; the smirk I was wearing as I clicked through to the BBC1 page was quickly replaced with an “Oh No” upon seeing poor Jason Isaacs bemakeuped up and hospitalised.

Oh no, yet excellent. Toplessness, drama and injury ahoy! Woo hoo!
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“Baby, we are GOOD!”

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Stakes Is High

Supa Emcees
De La Soul
from Stakes Is High (1996)

I bought the title track to this album on CD single (it was one of my earliest) and used to know pretty much all of the words.

Yes, I was that white girl enjoying singing along to:

“I’m sick of bitches shakin’ asses / I’m sick of talkin’ about blunts / Sick of Versace glasses / Sick of slang / Sick of half-ass awards shows / Sick of name brand clothes…”


Got Mandate?

Not got a mandate to strike my dear Mr Maude? Reeeally? 53% of the 72% who voted in Horsham voted for you = 38% approx. of the total electorate. Election 2010: 36.1% voted Tory on 65.1% turnout – 23.5% of the electorate.

Comment from Guardian – Michael Gove faces trouble on a new front
“NUT 92% vote on 40% turnout = 36.8% of electorate voting YES

Tories in 2010 – 36.1% of vote on 65.1% turnout – 23.5% of the electorate voting Tory.

‘No’ vote in the AV referendum polled 67.9% on a 42% turnout, that’s 28.5% of the electorate.

NUT has mandate.”
What was that about not having a mandate…?
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Not a good day at work today; I ended up spending an hour knocking out 800 words describing what happened in one of my lessons in order to give “my side” of “the story”.

So five minutes of misbehaviour from a fourteen year-old results in sixty minutes of writing from me, three emails, an entry into the behaviour management module, a phone call from my boss to the Father and a visit from the Head of Year. In addition I had to actually teach. Tomorrow there’s going to be a meeting with the delightful child with myself and my boss to “repair and rebuild”.

Needless to say I went to get McDonalds after school.
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Well Hello…

Case Histories

…Jason Isaacs.

Just letting you know i’m giggling over your photos. And enjoying your physique when you get your fake tats out. For the girls.

Bye now.
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EIGHT nopoke is EIGHT.

The mind boggles.

Image of Eight, a set by the rather brilliant Leo Reynolds

“Didn’t believe it when he bit into her face/It tasted just like a fallen arch”

She’s As Beautiful As A Foot
from Blue Öyster Cult (1972)
Blue Öyster Cult

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“Everybody’s got a price…”

I find these *far* too funny…

The Million Dollar Man desires a little privacy at the Public pool…

The Million Dollar Man “plays” basketball…

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Thick but Thin Custom Cuff Bracelet by Kathryn Riechert


It’s not quite perfect – I would have preferred the Latin right-way up on the left as shown in the post title – but it is rather lovely nonetheless; the text has a nice patina to it that contrasts well with the super-smooth sterling silver. Would recommend the artist; my bracelet arrived in a tiny kraft paper box tied with a bright blue ribbon. Cuteness!

When stuff is pissing me off I can look at the text and remind myself to keep going


I love creative spam:
“That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!”
You’re welcome, bot.
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Parents – LA Noire – Pigging Out – Olympic Success – McGarrett – Plant Life


My “accomplishments” last week:

I spent last week up North en famille; my Mum seems to be coping okay post-surgery, however I think she is a bit surprised at how slow a process everything is going to be with regards healing and some semblance of “normalcy” breast-wise.

I played the gobsmackingly realistic LA Noire on my brother’s Sekrit PS3, hung out with my bro at a John Lewis café amongst other places and watched some wrestling in his company – :( Macho Madness; I also spent my week making full use of the family fridge, taking great joy in pigging out on the daily fresh bread and chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

I managed to “achieve” one ticket to the London 2012 wrestling heavyweight repêchage and finals WOO HOO NOSEBLEED SEATS!!

Steve-o I had a rather exciting dream involving Commander Steve McGarrett coming to my rescue HOT HOT HOT :D

Today, inspired by my Mum’s gardening I bought some new plants (to slowly kill off):

A Tobacco plant, ‘cos i’d like some scent in the evenings, Arizona beggarticks because it was purty and scented, a rather spindly-looking Black-eyed Susan as I felt a bit sorry for it (and it was reduced!) and a Fireworks Geranium/Pelargonium because of the geometric neon flowers.

Here’s hoping I can actually keep them alive past a couple of weeks this time…
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