Becoming Crockett

Dade badges Becoming Crockett is proving to be an expensive exercise: This evening I find myself agonising over whether spending £25 on the perfect replica Miami-Dade Lieutenant’s badge is in any way justifiable. This would be the badge that will be noticed about thrice over one evening and that only I will appreciate its perfection or not.

In better news I have found some excellent trousers that fingers crossed should fit the bill; what is truely idiotic is that they are costing me more than I would usually pay for “normal” trousers i.e. ones that are not mens, not white and not pleated.

Once I have those however the world is my oyster: I can hunt for an appropriately shoulder-padded blazer in a variety of colours that will go with the white. I have sourced some white espadrilles too. Then all I need is a skinny white belt, pastel-hued t-shirt, fake Ray Bans and the police badge. WOOOOOO.

Not sure about the shoulder holster- that is a whole ‘nother world of problem…

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