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Becoming Crockett

Dade badges Becoming Crockett is proving to be an expensive exercise: This evening I find myself agonising over whether spending £25 on the perfect replica Miami-Dade Lieutenant’s badge is in any way justifiable. This would be the badge that will be noticed about thrice over one evening and that only I will appreciate its perfection or not.

In better news I have found some excellent trousers that fingers crossed should fit the bill; what is truely idiotic is that they are costing me more than I would usually pay for “normal” trousers i.e. ones that are not mens, not white and not pleated.

Once I have those however the world is my oyster: I can hunt for an appropriately shoulder-padded blazer in a variety of colours that will go with the white. I have sourced some white espadrilles too. Then all I need is a skinny white belt, pastel-hued t-shirt, fake Ray Bans and the police badge. WOOOOOO.

Not sure about the shoulder holster- that is a whole ‘nother world of problem…
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Crockett Lurve

CrockettSo now after a couple of episodes I have a new celebucrush to go along with my Hawaii Five-0, Scott Caan loving: Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett circa 1985.

I can multi-task after all…

Det. Crockett is too pretty but with too much of an edge to be standard pin-up material; the fashions are horrendous and I really should know better- Just like my so wrong yet so right appreciation of Sonny Crockett circa 2006 (as played by Colin Farrell). I should also say that I am only loving Johnson as Crockett when he is *not* rocking the mullet.

This afternoon I have been eagerly searching for a Miami Vice logo t-shirt, but alas I can never seem to find just the right one – I want the classic logo on a t-shirt that is not white or black.

I’ve also been daydreaming (and researching) about dressing up a la Crockett – the wide shouldered white suits and pleated trousers, the Ray Bans, the slicked back hair… I think an entire outfit would be *brilliant* but I think a hell of a lot of charity shop trawling is going to need to be done. I take my costumes *very* seriously as you might know.

I have an idea that I might enjoy being Crockett for an evening as dressing up all male can sometimes give me a little power trip that’s mighty enjoyable for a few hours.

It’s a bit odd having a celebucrush on someone who seems to be from a completely different time period from me but hey, whatevs. Gives me new daydream material… and I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of twenty-two episodes from the first season. Whooop!

Hammer & Yello

Don’t You Know by Jan Hammer (1977)       Desire by Yello (1985)
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Hammer & Vice

Miami Vice Miami Vice – Never seen an entire episode, but something about the combination of cynical crime story with added pastels and a white Testarossa is particularly pleasing to me this evening. Plus, Jan Hammer awesomeness ahoy.

Interesting quote by a director of Miami Vice about the on-screen “look”:

“There are certain colours you are not allowed to shoot, such as red and brown. If the script says ‘A Mercedes pulls up here,’ the car people will show you three or four different Mercedes. One will be white, one will be black, one will be silver. You will not get a red or brown one. Michael knows how things are going to look on camera.”


Taking a look at the video here for “Crockett’s Theme” (select 480p for quality!) it’s like basking in a pool of condensed 1985, where at times stuff seems dated but the overall look is so astoundingly fresh.

I found the film version of Miami Vice to be a deliciously big fat downer of a film – Glamorous, dirty, confusing, calm, shocking, impenetrable. Ridiculous and sadly all-too-familiar at the same time. Imperfect and unsatisfying when compared to other Michael Mann titles…

…but Goddamnit if it ain’t lovely to look at when they aren’t blowing people’s arms off with super-powerful sniper rifles.

Epic mash-up: Jan Hammer vs. Snoop Dogg – Crocketts Theme
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Is it wrong that upon reading the email I have just received informing me that one of my unfavouritest pupils has been moved to a nearby PRU before being moved to another school I said “YAY!” and punched the air?
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Ponda Baba’s Lightsaber-detached arm.

Spent the entirety of Sunday engrossed in 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on the DS: HIGHLY recommended choose-your-own-adventure-style game- gripping, challenging, exciting and gross.

It has multiple endings depending on your choices; the first time I played it I ended up getting my (well, my character’s) arm hacked off with an axe by a giggling pink-haired Japanese schoolgirl: Bad End it said as the screen faded to black. Much laughing then occurred on my part. I have since seen all my peers stabbed before getting knifed in the back just as I was about to escape in a submarine and been trapped forever in the same room as an Egyptian mummy who stays forever preserved thanks to some sci-fi ice that doesn’t melt until 96 degrees. Yes, really.

I spent the whole day in my pyjamas and dressing gown, only moving from my spot to grab some food or use the bathroom. Ignoring the world can be awesome at times.
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Swim. Swim. by Hi, my name is Rick [cc]

*Brilliant* session in the pool today; i’ve been trying to go once a week but this was the first visit of the year due to after school meetings and sinus woe.

Managed to do more lengths without stopping than I had managed before and everything felt just right- I even did one whole length of butterfly, which I haven’t done in I swear ten years. It felt wonderful.

Go me.

Pilates + swimming = two hours of actual exercise per week. Colour me AMAZED.


Drunkedy drunk drunk on an evening with a visiting Leia Ewok Village and McCy; way more inebriated than I would usually find myself. Great to see everyone; I miss dancing to tunes. Bed and unconsciousness is beaconing. Seriously.

Everything seems more urgent, more important when it really isn’t. Spellchecking supposedly works but I know it doesn’t *quite*. Where my head drops it lolls and I remind myself that I must hit the makeup remover before bed; I know i’ve passed the drunken and happy phase and have the welling up for spinning and sickness that I must deal with. Ugh.

Considering the nice cheddar cheese and black pepper muffins that await me in the “fruit” bowl (hey, i’m pushed for space) but what I should probably do is head for BED so to speak.

3am is *so* past my usual bedtime…
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Ugh. Getting over some sort of bug that had me multitasking on being both hot and shivery; the remnants are still meandering through my sinuses but the shakes and muscle aches have gone hooray.

Work is giving me The Rage more frequently since I went back- Academy status meeting this week, which is going to be hugely frustrating as there is a general feeling that everything has already been decided by management and the governors and that the opinions of us plebs (the workers) matter for naught. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

I am considering sending out a FAQ produced by the unions – something they can actually unite upon – to the parents of the kids in my form… I have to do something, even if it’s just getting an opposing voice out there.
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