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Quote Unquote

Quote Unquote (AKA Travolta)
Mr. Bungle

Happy New Year!



It Takes A Muscle


It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love (1982) & It Takes A Muscle 2010
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Half Price La Lilouche

The Black Silk Teddy from La Lilouche I was so taken with – Half price off their entire collection in the Winter sale and so money splashed out for something only I will see :D

Fingers crossed it makes it way from Tel Aviv safely- Hello Import VAT.

Knickers – A Look Back To New Designers In 2010
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Everyday Chocolate Cake

Needing dessert post-steak I was thrilled to find that yes indeed, I have all the ingredients I need to make the Everyday Chocolate Cake from Smitten Kitchen. I’ve made it before and it is super delicious and fills the kitchen – or room in my case – with the most wonderful chocolatey aroma.

Directions in the post on SK which I would also suggest reading because of the section about different types of cocoa and the alterations to the recipe that need to be made; here are the metric equivalents, rounded up to make things a bit easier:

115g unsalted butter, softened
195g light brown sugar
115g granulated sugar
1 large egg, at room temperature
240ml buttermilk (as an equivalent use half milk, half yoghurt)
1 tsp vanilla extract
190g plain flour
75g Cocoa powder (Dutch cocoa AKA cocoa with an acidity regulator added (check the tin))
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Bake at 160C.

So, now I have my New Year’s entertainment all lined up. Cake making and eating. Hurrah.
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Au Revoir – NYE 2010


Tonight I am passing the evening alone with the company of Nintendo, DVDs, rib-eye with salad and a few glasses of booze. Warmth and fuzziness will probably embrace me at some point; I hope that the fuckers in the rest of the building don’t keep me up too late. Yes, I know, it’s the time of year that *everyone* is supposed to be getting shitfaced and being noisy, but pleease, could you not party ’til 5am?

Today I said goodbye to Leia Ewok Village who is moving away to live back at the parental abode due to a continued lack of employment and ever dwindling savings. She is one of my closest friends and with the loss of her I am officially without nearby intimates for the first time in over ten years. I have two other friends in town so it’s not like i’m totally without, it’s just that we’d shared a lot together and so her leaving is extra sad.

Ten years ago I was in my first year of university and so had more opportunity perhaps to make new friends. Although I am happy by myself the majority of the time sometimes I wonder whether I am on my own too much- I am not socially isolated but the lack of socialisation outside of work does give me pause. Where to make new acquaintances though? I feel different from the staff a similar age to me at work, my colleagues are all older/have families/live some distance from me, I have no hobbies nor do I attend places where lots of adults meet (gyms, bars etc.).

An additional factor is the lack of speed and length of time it takes for me to open up and feel comfortable around new people; I also feel too old for (insert anything of your choosing here) and can’t be arsed with flaky people or effort quite frankly. I think much of this mindset could happily be extended to dating. Joy.

On that note there’s still no action. Doesn’t bother me terribly- being happier and more content by myself is enough at the moment, and it’s only occasionally that I feel the lack of An Other. And whilst my selection of toys can’t hold me, rub my back nor make me laugh, they’re something rather than nothing at least.

I feel optimistic and resigned with regards the New Year. Should be an interesting one at any rate.
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The Getaway

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get away from one county and move via train into another to spend Christmas with the family. I am rather concerned that my journey might consist of three hours of standing up squashed against a teetering pile of suitcases with a little time sat on my arse on the carpet of the carriage just to mix things up; I hope this does not turn out to be the case. I also really hope that my train isn’t too delayed or cancelled – fresh snowfall predicted for the morning is giving me a bit of The Fear.

Anyway, not packed yet so will have to be up at a “reasonable time” as my Dad so annoyingly puts it; there will be absolutely zero posts whilst i’m away – this blog is important to me and it is important to me that my parents do not read it; thusly I am paranoid about doing so on the family hardware – I may Tweet annoyed utterances instead.

Have a safe, warm and comfortable festive period. Be well…
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Shake It

Shake It
David Bowie
From Let’s Dance

Get the fuck on down to this extended 12″ mix. Worship at the altar of Nile Rodgers and appreciate a modern masterpiece.

Ooooh… it makes me feel all… frisky :D

I appreciate this a little less now, though the video is still rather great.
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Academies R Us


Licorne by Pierre J. [cc]

1. This morning at work it was announced that our school is going to move towards becoming an academy.

2. As a “less academic” subject and thus less worthy, Art has been left off the English Baccalaureate in the government’s latest white paper. Strangely, Ancient Greek, Latin and Biblical Hebrew are all on there, but no Art, Drama or Design & Technology. So all the private or faith school educated pupils will be fine and dandy but there’ll be no-one about to design the chairs they sit on or the buildings they work in. WTF?

3. I am not able to go on the activity week to Wales next year because the department cannot afford to lose me as coursework marking will be taking place. This was not a problem last year because the Head of Department marked KS5 Art whilst the Photography course leader marked only KS5 Photography.

The new Head of Department is having to mark KS5 Art and Photography because she is responsible for both. Now, if they’d kept on the course leader position for Photography… Oh yes, that’s right. That would be the position that magically disappeared when I was in the position to get it. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Fuck You Management. You really do bite the big one.
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The pupil who gave me a bollocking for asking her to behave like I would expect everyone else to behave is back in school this week after two weeks of “working” on her behaviour at the local Pupil Referral Unit (in between episodes of being picked up by the police), though thank fuck not in my form. Here is a taster of what she is being asked to agree to:
“I agree to accept the following guidelines to help me control my behaviour and to take responsibility for my actions.
  • I understand that I must comply with the School’s Code of Conduct, outlined in my school planner. I understand that if I fail to behave as set out in these expectations, this will be drawn to my attention. In particular I will abide by the rules regarding behaviour in lessons.
  • I will arrive at school fit to learn i.e. I will not turn up to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • I understand that I must wear the correct uniform.
  • I understand that I must be polite to all staff and do as they ask straight away without arguing.
  • I will not smoke during the school day or outside the school gates after school.
  • I understand that I must not distract others or be distracted by others during lessons.
  • I understand that I must not touch property belonging to other people and I will not leave lessons unaccompanied.
  • I understand that I must not use physical force on any student or member of the school community even if they touch me”.
From these guidelines you can work out that this pupil:
  • Persistently disrupts the education of others.
  • Has a drink and drug problem and turns up at school pissed and/or high.
  • Chooses to ignore school uniform policy.
  • Is verbally abusive to her peers and staff.
  • Has a nicotine addiction which she feeds in school.
  • Makes excuses for her behaviour by saying “But it wasn’t just me!”
  • Steals from her peers.
  • Assaults people.
So what happens if she breaks these guidelines? Note, they’re not rules, God no, because then they would actually mean something, so I think all that happens is that she is told off. Typically pupils on guidelines in my school do well for a couple of weeks meaning they get taken off guidelines and thereupon commence with the ridiculous behaviour from that point onwards.

These pupils cause trouble for their peers and staff for years on-and-off; most of them do not want to be there so set about making the lives very difficult for everyone around them. Verry occasionally one of them will break guidelines one-too-many times and they’ll be excluded.

She’s 14 btw.

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Gash – Grind – Freedom


As noticed upon the hand of one of the kids in my school; noticed and then photographed by me for posterity.


I’ve been *SUPER* lame at writing over the last wee – ahem, large – while. Hopefully my motivation will improve as I move towards a break from the kiddies.

Motivation in general has been pretty low of late- laundry and pots and pans piling up waiting to be washed, recycling waiting to be taken out, shower lacking a working light or fan as I haven’t been bothered to ask to get it fixed… General lame-o across the board. I can say however that I have managed to set foot so-to-speak in an honest to goodness swimming pool. Le shock.

The end of the week and thus the end of term simply cannot arrive quick enough; this week I am going to do Christmas stuff whenever and wherever possible- festive “sun” catchers (AKA pale and dim short day light-catchers), Chinese paper art snowflakes, fingerprint wrapping paper, winter-themed worksheets- Something different from the usual grind.

I am looking forward to many days of sleeping in and DS-ing; I am going to visit the family for a week over the festive period so I am also looking forward to unlimited food and Sky on tap. And seeing my family too, if not getting along with quite all of them.

No dates to speak of but a few online conversations; I was supposed to meet up with one of my pen pals in Lahndahn tahn – Codename: Blue Note – but all fell through at the last minute. Bit of a shame as it would have been nice to meet up face-to-face and also to go out somewhere but nonetheless I was happy to be able to go run errands and buy junk food for dinner instead. Hee.

Started conversing with someone younger than I would usually go for mainly because he had the most amazingly deep blue eyes (!) – unfortunately I should have paid closer attention to his answers to some of the OKCupid questions. So that’s a no-goer. I keep on keeping on.

Every now-and-then I find myself thinking about MW#1, wondering how he is, what he’s up to; I know I must not have anything to do with him- not check his Twitter etc. – as I know that he is still more than capable of upsetting me.

I value the equilibrium I now have, the relative contentment with how I pass my time, but I also know that it is a fragile thing and that I would be very foolish to upset that balance, literally. I miss sex and intimacy and I miss the company of men, the excitement of something new, but I don’t miss being manipulated at another’s whim or feeling deeply unhappy. A little progress, gently taken.
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stars01 Photogram madness in aid of keeping my sanity at work and for the front of the Christmas cards I am sending out this year:

Ingredients include glass rounded into pebbles by the sea, orange bag netting, scrunched up tracing paper, tissue paper, sequins, board marker and my leopard spot scarf. The last image has been solarised.

I am *super* pleased with the results, and above all, it was FUN.










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